Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentime's Week

I told Matt the weekends are like drinking:
You always hve fun in the moment,
but you always regret it Monday morning.
(P.S- We don't drink. But if we did, I am assuming this statement is true...)

Right now our house is a complete wreck, our boys are both asleep in rooms we can barely open the doors too, in pajamas that they have been wearing since 11 o'clock this morning. And I don't care. Tomorrow I will care. Tonight, I will blog.

First of all, I feel it is very important to mention that Patton Fife Hargrave has finally decided to eat solid foods! For weeks I have been trying to get him to eat something besides me, but to no avail. I tried fruits, I tried veggies, I tried oatmeal. Hot, cold, warm, thick, runny, mixed with cereal, plain, whole foods in a mash bag, puffs, mums, apple wheels, banana slices, lasagna....SOMETHING!!! But to no avail. The looks this child would give me while I was attempting to shove food into his mouth were a mixture of horror, anger, and loathing; such as you would look at an arch enemy as they forced poison down your throat. He would NOT eat, and even the pediatrician was getting a little nervous since Patton had gained exactly zero weight between his four and six month appointments. But that all ended on Monday.

On Monday, I gave Patton a mum, not really expecting much. And then he ate it. Just like he had been doing it his whole life. I was so happy, I gave him three more and did a little jig around the kitchen while he ate them all. Since that time we have come to an understanding where he eats mostly table food, mashed up small, and the occasional jar of baby food if he feels like it. The best foods are ones he can feed himself (like mums) because Patton is going to be in charge, just like the other three people already living in this house. We all have some control issues, I think. But by George the kid is EATING and I am so happy! Maybe now he will start sleeping though the night and I can get some sleep, too! Maybe...because we all know how I feel about my sleep. Hip-hooray for stubborn Patton!

This week was also Valentine's Day. Or ValenTIMES Day, if you are Bennett or Matt (who is 31 years old). Wednesday the boys and I went to a super fun playgroup at our friend's home, where we decorated cupcakes and passed out Valentines to all of our buddies. Bennett actually understood the point of this holiday, and he loved making (or rather, watching me make) all the little cards and candy presents we gave out. He also loved eating his weight in cupcakes and heart candy. As did I. Afterwards, some of our friends joined us for a day of reckless abandon in one of my favorite shopping centers. Good day, all around. The next day, Thursday, was real Valentine's Day, which really threw Bennett off since we basically celebrated it a day early. But he didn't complain when they had cookies at Story Time to honor the holiday. We will always take a free cookie. 

As for my Valentine's Day, I am one lucky lady. Every year Matt and I agree not to do anything for each other, since we feel it is silly to devote an entire day to loving the person you should be loving every day of the year. So every year, I do nothing. And every year I wake up to presents, dinners, and chocolates, and then spend the rest of the day scrounging for ideas as to what I could do for that ridiculous man who I love so much, and also could just yell at in frustration because he broke our agreement once again. Every year. But since I am definately getting the long end of the stick here, I guess I shouldn't complain too much :)

Love that boy.

I ended up bringing him lunch at work, and then secretly heart-attacking his car. Matt's guys got a big kick out that. I think Matt himself was torn between being flattered and embarrassed. He is so lucky he married me! We also had our "misfit" friends over for dinner that night, whose own spouses were either deployed or away for schooling, and we had a great time hanging out together. Valentine's Day rocks.

This weekend Matt had a four-day because of President's Day on Monday, so after a Friday of deep-cleaning our Master bedroom (thank you!!) we drove down to San Antonio on Saturday and dropped the boys off with their Maimie and Pop while we went to the Temple. We are trying to go at least once a month, and so far we are two for two. Yay for us! Bennett and Patton had a great time burning brush with Maimie and Pop and roasting marshmallows over the flames. Matt and I had a great time being together and eating delicious tacos afterwards. The temple and tacos. Can't beat that combination.

And now it is Sunday, and our house is a mess. Because we had stake conference this morning and then did absolutely nothing the rest of the day but be lazy. But it was worth it. And since Matt has tomorrow off, it's probably only going to get worse and I should just embrace the chaos.

In conclusion: Bennett has started telling me at random that he really, really loves me (Mom, I weawe, WEAWE wove you!) and blowing kisses at me whenever he is too far away to physically hug my legs and waist. He will seriously do this at the most random moments, like right in the middle of a conversation, but it melts my heart every time. He is such a great kid. Patton can't help but smile his biggest grin anytime you make eye-contact with him, and since he has started sitting up on his own he is so fun to play on the floor with. And he is the best cuddler around. (And did we mention he is eating solid foods?! YES!!) and Matt, I just discovered, has cleaned the kitchen for me while I was typing this. Because he knows that even though I joke about it, I really hate having a dirty kitchen. And because he is wonderful and I love him.

So here's to another great week, full of days that blur together, nights that are hopefully going to be more restful, and the sweet chaos of two active boys.

Life is good, and my kitchen is clean...
for now :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 Is Here and We Dont Stop!

Well you know us we never stop moving and there is always the opportunity to help out family and friends.
 We were able to head to Oklahoma to help Ashland and Griffin move into their new home.  We had a blast with it in that we really didn't have to move anything just help un-pack and organize (Haley's favorite things probably in the whole world).  Below are just a few pictures of the house.

 So on the ride home Bennett started to feeling poorly and as you can probably guess on a 7hr car ride we stopped quite a few times for him to throw up.  Our 7hr's turned into almost 9hr's.

 Just a couple of random pictures of our boys!!

 Bennett looking awesome in his Sunday best!

 These two are great brothers.  They like to do everything together and plus they are pretty dang cute

 Patton, following in his big brothers foot steps...he is quite the ladies man :-)

 Haley's little jar of cute things that the boys say.  She is so crafty.

 Just being Patton...

 Bennett just cant keep the ladies off of him....

...again Haley's amazing organization skills at work, everything in its really everything has a place or it gets thrown away!

 Patton's first time sitting like a big boy in a shopping cart...quite a monumental moment around the cuteness!  I mean it is just intoxicating.

 Bennett...I mean how could we be so lucky, being blessed with two wonderful boys.

 ...Hi Mom!!

 At the opening of our new H.E.B.  It was a made house!  But we had only had a few "moments" of a little anxiety with all the mass people pushing and shoving!

 ...and to finish off a wonderful month Patton finally decided that he was ready to eat real food!  So here he is with the traditional Hargrave Silver Spoon we feed our boys with for the first time.