Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Maddness Vs. Easter!

So it has been awhile, but here is a tummy's getting bigger. I think I might waddle a little when I walk. :) Other than that there is not much to report. I have had no contractions (that I know of) but my doctor says I am dialated to a one already. We also did an ultrasound about a week ago and Bennett is thriving! It looks like I have been able to control his weight and size pretty well with my Diabetic Diet, and it should just be a normal delivery. It's just a little scary to realize that this is actually happening!!

The other night Matt and I were a little bored so we decided to have a little fun with our current resources. However, we couldn't quite agree on if we should honor March Maddness with a basketball, or Easter with an we ended up doing both!

This is my view of the artist at work. Matt was very concentrated on making my tummy look perfect!

Here is the "Wilson" brand basketball side, with just a little bit of the "s" and the "on" showing. :)

And here is the Easter egg side! It looks much better than any Easter egg I have ever created in real life.

From the front the whole thing looked a little weird...but it was really fun to do! And I'm sure Bennett appreciated all the extra attention. :)