Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Hanging out

So while Matt was down at the pond with his scouts, me and Bennett stayed up at Maimie and Pop's house and just hung out.

We got to see Jake and Janell and their cute girls, Madi, Emma, and this is Bennett with Kendall. She is just two weeks older than him.

We also got to hang out with each other, which is always fun for me.

We went down the slide for the first time

And got to swing in a real outdoor swing, as apposed to the little indoor swing he lived in for the first several months of his life.

We even visited Matt and the scouts while they were shooting (hence the ear protection).

And when it was all over, we strapped ourselves into the car and went home. Pretty short and sweet, but still fun.

I Think His (Riding Lawn Mower's) Sexy

As mentioned in the blogs above, Matt had a camp out with his scouts this last weekend. They went to Maimie and Pop's house, (Mary and Wayne) and camped in the lower acres by their pond. However, before they could do any of this, we had to spend a little time preparing. Therefore, a few weekends ago we made the trip (once again) to San Antonio. Actually, we really went as chaperons for a youth temple trip, but that only lasted until noon and then it was yard work time!

We took Bennett down with us, since he had no place else to go, and he did OK until I tried to make him take his nap two hours early. (duh, what was I thinking?) Other than that he was pretty good about it.

Sarah came over from her apartment to help too. Yay for Aunt Sarah!

Pop (Wayne) mowed and the rest of us took turns weed eating and picking up sticks and rocks and stuff. It was a beautiful day for being outside!

We probably played as much as we worked. Me and Sarah found the paddle boat and eventually hoisted it into the pond. It was really fun until Matt got in and almost sunk it. :)

We also spent a good deal of our time on the zip line. I had never been on it when the pond was full, so it was really fun...


And about halfway through the day Bennett decided he wanted to help too.

Just like Pop!

What a ham.

GG and GP

For the last couple of weeks we have been trying and trying to figure out a way to visit two of our favorite people. Grandma and Grandpa Hazard (that's great Grandma and Grandpa Hazard to Bennett) live in Dallas, only a three hour drive from us. However, since we have lived here we have only seen them a handful of times. Either they were traveling, or we were gone, or one of us was busy on the weekend that was good for the other. It just never seemed to work out!

But then Grandma called us a few weeks ago with a revelation...they are retired! They can go anywhere they want, whenever they want, and they don't have to wait for a weekend to see us! So Thursday afternoon to Friday afternoon we got to spend some quality time with GG and GP (great grandma and great grandpa. These are their new names, according to Grandma. I like them.)

We didn't have long to spend together, but we made the most of our time. Thursdays Matt gets off work early, so he came home about the same time they got here and we just talked and caught up on all the latest Hazard family gossip. Then things really picked up, since I had already committed to feeding the sister missionaries and watching my friends' two little boys. It was a little chaotic, but Grandma and Grandpa didn't seem to mind. They taught us all how to play Bridge, and I officially decided to never become a professional card player.

Friday we met Matt at work for lunch on base, and then I took them on my own version of "The Tour of Duty"--OK, OK, we got lost for 20 minutes trying to get home. It was hilarious though. Grandpa is quite the navigator. :)

Unfortunately, me, Matt and Bennett had to leave for a scout camp in San Antonio, so we left Grandma and Grandpa in our home for the night, and they took off the next day after a riveting round of Shingles shots (the other reason they came to Killeen.)

Even though we only got to see them for awhile, it was so fun. We love those guys!

I walk with a friend most mornings, so Friday Grandma came with us. This lady can move!

Matt, Grandma, Bennett, and Grandpa, standing in line at the sandwich shop.

Enjoying the meal.

Enjoying the wrapper.

Movin' On Up!

So I realize that this is a little behind the fact, but Matt was promoted to a First Lieutenant October 14, and we are so dang proud of him! Of course there was a ceremony, because there is always a ceremony for everything in the Army, but I actually enjoyed this one...and there was cake afterward. :)

Maimie came up for the big day...

...and Pop surprised us by coming too! We thought he was going to have to work, so it was cool he got to be there. This is him talking to the Colonel.

Lots of people were there, and I was happy to realize that I actually knew a lot of them and what their jobs were. I think this Army wife thing is growing on me!

This is the actual reading of the orders for Matt to be promoted. And yes, it cuts off right before the important stuff. Sorry! I knew I should have checked the batteries before we left!

But this is basically what happened after the movie died. The commander guy (OK, I'm not that good at the Army thing) ripped off the old rank and put on the new one. Kind of like a Scout Court of Honor, but without all the cheesy cheers.

And then Matt made a beautiful speech about America. It was very inspiring, although I was so busy fighting with the silly camera I don't really know what he said. I'm sure it was fabulous. I did, however, get a good shot of his new rank. It is a black bar, instead of a gold one. Very cool.

Then the beautiful, supportive wife got to get up and give her shining hero a big ol' smack-a-roo. (For those of you who were at our wedding, you may remember we are not very good kissers in public...it was interesting, to say the least.)

And then we ate cake!!
P.S- It is never a good idea to use black frosting. It may look good on the cake, but not so much on your teeth.

This is Matt's piece I cut from the middle of the cake. :)

All in all it was a beautiful ceremony, and we are all so happy for Matt and all he does. I am very lucky to be married to such a wonderful guy who takes such good care of us. Congratulations Mattie-Poo!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do The Mash!

This is lovingly dedicated to Grandma Hazard
From all her little monsters,
Evelyn, Bennett, Adalie, and Jackson

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

(An Early Apology to Jackson for having to cover up his cute face.)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

They Just Keep Coming!

We now have not one, but TWO teeth. Hip, hip, horray for the teeth!

You can see them (sort of) in this pic. They are on the bottom in the middle. :)

In The Army Now!

This last weekend Matt's Mom and Wayne were driving home from a fun adventure in Iowa, and decided to stop in for a visit. We treated them to, what we like to call, "The Tour of Duty" and took them around the base and to Matt's office and stuff. It was all very fun, and slightly educational (like in the way that I finally found out what Matt does everyday at work for the past several months).

Matt in his office. This picture was actually taken a couple of weeks earlier. We tried to get in this last weekend, but Matt forgot his keys so we couldn't.

I think I have a bright future in Army Truck driving.

The First Cav Headquarters. Pretty Neat

Bennett got to ride in the back of a HMMV. (Of course, it wasn't moving.)

Matt and Wayne in front of an "Ambulance." This is pretty cool, since both are/were medics in the Army.
Mary, Matt, and Bennett in the back of one of those big trucks that Army people ride in. (Sorry I can't be more specific. Matt's at Scouts so I can't ask him what the real names are.)

Did I mention I could totally drive these things?

Bennett, riding with his daddy.

Monday, October 12, 2009


OK, as entertaining as the video posted below is, it was never meant for the eyes of the masses. Apparently I told Matt, (whom I love dearly) to post the recent video I had taken, and he thought this was the right one. So what's done is done, and the following incriminating evidence of my private life as a professional dancer is here for your enjoyment. And by the way, if you know of any Broadway productions that are hiring... :)

Bennett will be lucky to inherit his momma's dance moves.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

How We Roll

We go on ruck marches.

We play with our buddies.

Bennett hangs with Tray, and I chill with Bethany, his mom.

We watch Conference, and do a fair amount of cuddling.

I get bored with Conference and make an extremely detailed flowchart of the speakers and their talks. We also keep tradition alive with Conference Brunch and friends over to share it with.
We build illegal sheds behind our property line--and then stop random old men from stealing stuff out of it.

We eat real baby food...

...with a real silver spoon (a new tradition we are starting in our family)...

...and we drink out of a real sippy-cup...

...and then we spit it all up. (When will this end?!!)

We get new neighbors.

LOTS of new neighbors.

One morning we were stuck inside all day because there were seven cement trucks lined all up and down our street. I just keep telling myself it will all be over soon.

And, last but not least, we get a new tooth! This is me trying to get a picture of it. Right, like that's going to happen. Bennett did enjoy chewing on my camera lens though.