Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Patton's 1st Birthday

Well our little boy turned 1yr old on 23 July 2013.  Can't believe that it has been 1yr ago that we added this little bundle of joy to our family.

 Haley is always a big birthday thrower/decorator

 The birthday boy eating his birthday dinner of chicken pot pie.  Patton really likes bread!

 The infamous "1yr" birthday shirt that Haley handmade for our kiddo's 1st birthday's.

 Patton was being very difficult in getting a picture

 Peekaboo I see you!

 "Yeah its my birthday"

 "Say wwwhat........did someone say birthday"

 One happy boy after devouring his birthday cake.

 Yeah for me again!

 On to the birthday presents, very much a collective effort.

 Bennetts present to Patton.  Bennett wanted the biggest bag we had.  We could have fit Patton and Bennett into it :-)

 Loving our new presents.

The helmet was a present from Bennett...I think he likes it

~Happy Birthday Patton Fife Hargrave~

Summer Fun

 Bennett has been working really hard on his alphabet, Patton is inspired! 

 Haley just needed some flowers one day just because she is the best Mom in the world

 Patton was just beginning to learn to walk....of course he headed straight for the pool.

 Bennett wanted to make a spider web with a jump rope...Haley gave him a ball of yarn and when I came out of the back room these strings were all over the house!

 ....Patton, of course just  had to help out :-)

 We have gotten alot of ran this summer and the boys have taken full advantage of it.

 You never know what kind of outfits Bennett is going to come up with.  I think he had 3 different outfits on in this picture.

 Bennett wanted to make a "Fort"...Haley being the awesome Mom gladly obliged.

 Bennett getting his sweat on!

 Its hard work to sculpt these guns.

 Patton just being Patton!

 Bennett has become quite the little chef, Patton of course thinks his brother is just awesome.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

6yr Anniversary

So Haley got me this awesome John Wayne book for our 6yr anniversary, realy, its way cool!  I thought I was doing pretty good by putting a movie together for her.  She got me again.  What a great wife I have!

Youth Conference & Fun

Just a little catch up on a few things from us.

 Just a bunch of Mormon kids having fun

 This is the youth from the entire Stake.  They are small but strong

 I was in charge of the "Unicorn" game.  You had to stack 7 cookies individually on your forehead in under 3mins....they started pretty normal......
 .......eventually it lead to laying on the floor!

 These are our boys with the the YM Pres.  

 We had our first "Presidency Meeting".....we went skiing.  That's Bennett in his green vest in the back of the boat.

 Mom  was on a girls night so it was just the boys!  We are really like boats and water.

How can you not just love these two boys!!!