Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Picture Update

Matt did the pictures, so I was wrangled into doing the words. I really love writing, but tonight I am really involved in the latest episode of Modern Family, my guilty pleasure series. So just for the time being, let's see how brief we can make this...I'll be more thorough tomorrow.

Matt's truck

A really distorted picture from the front.

It doesn't really look this out of proportion...

We went to Oklahoma to visit Griffin and Ashland and, of course, Baby Odey.

The new Wal Mart in Cleveland Oklahoma opened while we were there. It was a big deal for a little town. We were some of the first in line to go in.

Bennett and Zoey were very cute cousins. Here they are holding hands in the car.

We went to a super fun pumpkin patch. Tons of pumpkins, tons of fun.

Hugs at the Pumpkin Patch

Zoey helping pick out the perfect one.

Feeding the crazy goats at the petting zoo. This thing seriously took the entire bag of food right out of my hand and then ran. It was awesome.

Riding the horses.


Bennett and Zoey were pretty dang cute. We love these kids.

Going on the 35 second hayride. It was worth it.

Bennett and Uncle Griffin on the hayride.

A pile of pumpkins to choose from. Daunting...daunting...

Sadly, the best family picture from the day. We do what we can with what we have.

Told Bennett man to hammer in the nails sticking up and he went after it with a vengeance.
(written by Matt)

We had to try out the new slide...dont worry Griff held up the slide in the middle so it wouldn't break. (written by Matt)

Zoey trying out their new slide. It was in the forest behind Griffin and Ashland's house so Griffin and Matt spent a thrilling afternoon moving it through the fence to their backyard.

This is the box Matt made Zoey. Pretty cute.

So after a few days at Griffin and Ashland's, we got in the car and drove to a different part of Oklahoma to see Matt's family. Here we are at Logan's Roadhouse during one of our pit stops. Bennett was bored so we occupied him with the camera. Can you tell he is showing his "happy face"?

This is our dream house. I LOVE this house. And guess what?

Not only is it beautiful, located on several acres of gorgeous forest and ranch land, but it is literally SEVEN minutes from a main shopping center and highway. Love it. Want it. Matt needs to work more.

Bennett and his black cat buddy at Uncle Clay's and Aunt Annie's. This kid was born to be dirty.

Cole catching an armadillo. Kinda scary, kinda fun.

We got to go to Cole's talent show where he won first place with his fiddle playing. He was awesome!

Going out on the Gator. Bennett's dream car.

Pure joy. We laugh in the face of danger.

Bennett's driving was almost as good as mine...so Matt tells me.

Bennett got to sit on Pop's fully refinished Minneapolis Molin...same kinda tractor Pop used to plow fields with when he was a kid. (Written by Matt)

Matt finally got to visit Grandma Pat. It was good for him. She was pretty special to him.

Who says the south doesn't have big deer. I might just pass out if I ever saw a deer this big walk out in front of me. (should we guess who wrote this?)

Aunt Annie drives a school bus in her off time. Bennett has a new hero.

I don't think I'm ready for this image yet. It makes me feel like packing him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

This is a coffin Matt built for a HUGE Halloween party we are having in a week. I guarantee we will post that.

I guess Matt had the camera at church? Here is Bennett in sacrament. He is a really good kid...when he wants to be...We love him all the time.

OK, I'll go back later and fill in the blanks, but here's the skeleton. Fun, fun fun times.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Pics

Just wanted to add a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Bennett is always asking to ride in "Daddy's" truck. He sits really high! I think that's why he likes it.

So we decided to have a little camp out in our backyard. This was Bennetts first try and he had a blast.

Bennett and his buddy Camden setting up camp.

Bennett talked about eating marshmallows and hot dogs for days! The Boy really likes fire!

My buddy Erik and I heading out for a little fun.

My dear sweet wife. She was tired of sitting at home while I left to go hunting so we got her some gear to come sit with me. She is pretty awesome.

This is Bennett posing for the camera. What a goob!

I climbed this tree in the park and Bennett just had to climb the tree too! (Mom didn't panic to much)

The best Mom ever, sure love this girl!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Pictures!

Well Haley did a great job in updating everyone on the last blog so I did my part by trying to upload some pictures for everyone's enjoyment.

So right after getting home from Iraq Haley and I took a little get away down to Austin to have a little fun...I played the good husband and held all the bags while she did a "little" shopping. (I have been trained well)

Haley was pretty happy with all her great deals!

So this is Commerce bridge were a whole lot of bats live. (that is the capitol building right behind Haley)

If you look real close all the dark spots are bats.

Here is another shot of them. It was roughly 19 mins of solid bats flying out from underneath the bridge where they live.

We of course stopped in at Mamie and Pops house and picked up my safe...Bennett got to ride in the trailer, he thought he was pretty cool!

As Haley stated in the last blog we are now if full swing of hunting season...Bennett has turned into my little huntin' buddy. Since there hasn't been much rain here down south we have been watering our deer (by the way Bennett picked his orange hunting hat out all by himself!!)

What can I say its in the "genes"

Bennett would not be left on the ground when I was checking out my tree stand...sure love that boy!

Ever since we brought home my new truck it has become the neighborhood playground. I dont mind I did it with my daddy's trucks I just like to see him smile!

So when Bennett gets upset he has started to throw himself down and then he wants love for his owes...its pretty sad, pathetic, and funny all at the same time.

It was great to have my Mom & Dad to come for a little welcome home BBQ with some of my buddies that deployed with me.

Just hangin out with our neighbors.

The fabulous hostess doing her thing!

~Its sure good to be home~