Monday, May 6, 2013

Hanging Out

Well I did my part and posted all these pictures and Haley was supposed to write the captions but.....that didn't happen.  So you can just enjoy the pictures and my occasional comments.

Well kind of a bitter sweet moment for all of us...

Our boys hangin out on the trailer.
Bennett was very busy "fixin" things and Patton was busy "helping"

It took us an entire day to do just half of the garage.

While I was hunting Haley took part in the Ward Relief Society 5k run.  Haley and Bennett actually won 1st place.....for the walkers.

Between General Conference sessions there is nothing like a little family bike ride.

It never hurts to ask for a little help

We had the opportunity to have Greg and Grandpa and Grandma Great come visit us for a little while.

Alot of time was spent on this trampoline.  Bennett has quite the affinity for his "Anpa"

Of course you have to do a little kite flying....
I always love to see the generations all wrapped up together.  

Of course to finish such a great trip you have to roast/burn marshmallows over a fire.

How can you not love that face!

Heading to the zoo with friends
As Haley puts it...."the snake charmers"

Haley's favorite animal at the zoo....actually monkeys really freak her out.  She says its their hands, they look to human...
Patton, being Patton

Best bud's!  We are sure gonna miss the Clark's

Oklahoma Trip

Well we had a great, quick visit up to Oklahoma and had a great time meeting my new boss and finding us a new home!  Just a few more weeks and off to another great adventure for the Hargrave family!

 So here is the new crib!  Great house just outside of the little town of Elgin.  The best part is it is a 10min drive from the house to my new office.  

 We did get to go visit Medicine Park.  Bennett loved the waterfalls.  (It was very windy)

 Bennett being Bennett.

 Patton and Mom trying to smile into the wind.  

 Bennett and I just goofing around.  Haley kind of told him he could "Be the Leader".  It was a little bit bossy!  He has quite the personality.

 Half way through our "adventure hike".  Bennett really wanted to walk over the top of the water fall.  Mom didn't think that was such a good idea 

 Help!  I'm hanging over the abyss!....wait, that's Mom's arm in the corner, just kidding!

 Okay Mom, how was this a good idea??

The "King" and his throne.  Bennett and Patton are great travelers but its pretty easy traveling when you have so many fun things to keep you occupied.

Well Bennett and the new boss, Col Roberts hit it off!  We had a great time getting to meet the new staff and their families.  We had us a great time!