Saturday, October 4, 2014

The First Few Months in North Dakota

Alright so this is the longest entry we have had to date but it covers, almost the last 6 months. Good thing we mostly due for our own personally enjoyment and entertainment

So, as you know winter just would not let go this year. This was the parking lot to the clinic we "thought" we were supposed to go to trying to get Haley seen by our new baby doctor

We probably got our last snow about the end of April. The ole trailer held up well

Built some bunk beds for my adopted nieces in their little basement home.

The new company we hired onto.  It took me 2 days to find these guys but I took 2 weeks to make a decision.  Wanted to make sure it was the best one at the time.

Because we were still living in the trailer we had the chance to drive to Dickinson for every session of conference.  I heard Patton grunting int he nursery and found him stuck inside a toy kitchen.  I must say I did just kind of watch him for a while.....It was pretty funny

Drove around with a couple of my drivers to see how they do things.  Pretty impressive sight we these guys do to get this raw power out of the ground

Local paper says it all!

So quick story on the house.  There are not a lot of houses for sale in Killdeer ND.  We visited a few homes and this was the last one we looked at.  Our realtor told us the price and we need there was no way we could buy this house.  Well out of our price range.  When we did our first visit, however we discovered that the renters had been keeping their pet rabbits in the upstairs shower!!
We mentioned that to the owners, that and the fact our realtor counseled us to just make an offer and maybe they would take it!  So we did and they called back the same day and said yes!!!!
It has been an absolute blessing that we were able to move in to our home few short weeks before before our dear sweat Kennedy Lynn arrived.

Took a trip down to Bismarck and had some pretty decent BBQ at Famous Daves BBQ

We of course had to find the day we'll go there!!!!

It is really shocking to Haley and I that Patton doesn't have some sort of permanent brain damage from all the hits and blows he takes to the head.  This one was a  doozy!  cut to the bone and a whole lot of love

These are a few pics of Bennett and mines first father son campout in a little town called Medora.  We had a blast

Patton loves messing with my tools

Just brothers having fun

We went to the medicine hole cave and Bennett was brave enough to go down inside and touch a bat.  He was pretty proud of himself.

July 4 rodeo was a blast.  Killdeer boasted the oldest running rodeo grounds in the state.

Just a few weeks until little Miss Kennedy joined us

So.....we filled up the back of a pick up truck with fireworks.  It took us almost 4 hours to shoo them all!

Patton is definitely a hat man

Haley's desk finished.  The previous owners left it in the garage and it was in pretty rough shape but Haley saw a gem and we just polished it up :-)

We are now a family with 3 kids!!!  These boys love their little sister

Pattons birthday party was a hit....the best present is in the tree's, he got his own slide!

Pop and I just hanging out!

We took Uncle Griffin and Zoey on a hike up Killdeer Mountains and to the spooky medicine hole caves

This board occupies a lot of my life, its how I track all my trucks and drivers

Bennett s birthday was a hit.  He is way into super hero's

Of course the turtle stuff was an absolute huge hit!

Haley's great attempt at a rainbow birthday was between these one and zebra cake

These guys just like being with each other, hope it last!

We had a little cold spell but we just had to have shakes so hey, heater while drinking ice cream, win-win!!

Haley took a trip to Rexburg for Easter and everybody had a blast

Bennett did not feel so well on the way there

Happy, Happy, Happy

Driving through Yellowstone

Patton having fun with Grandpa Hazard

Bennett wanted to make sure Patton was comfortable

....more fun!

This was a really funny'll have to ask Haley!

Activities with friends at Lake Ilo

Boy Scout auction night,  Bennett had to have this cake.....Haley was not happy with the price :-)

Patton is a very, very, very stubborn child!
Having fun!

Such a cheeser

Bennett took this awesome picture of cuteness

What is the best way to watch Ninja Turtles??  Why by wearing turtle cloths!

Haleys always got a project going on, she is awesome

National fishing day at Lake Ilo,  The boys had a blast and got awesome fishing poles out of the deal

At the hospital!

Some boys like teddy bears....this one likes trucks:-)

Just another one of the house

This truck was actually blown up in an explosion at our shop 2 weeks prior.  We put it back together and had it marching in a parade.  Bennett got to ride with me and throw candy out the window

Showing off their loot!

Haven't been on a horse in over a year, felt good

This is our little yellow bird that flies around our house, bouncing off the windows trying to get inside for someone.....hours of entertainment

Bennett's attempt at making his first meal all by himself....still not sure what it is but will just call it a "sandwich"

Had another parade in Killdeer, this time they were throwing pop ice at us :-)

....of course with all the boxes from moving who wouldn't pass up the chance to build something out of them, Haley is always doing something awesome with these boys

The grand reveal! Kennedy Lynn's crib...This crib has officially had 7 children sleep in it from our family. Pretty dang cool!

Okay so another little critter that leaves in the window well of the basement,  haven't seen him in a little while so he might have taken off...Haley hopes so!

Of course Kennedy's OCD mother had all her toys and cloths organized perfectly she is awesome

The Sunday before Kennedy arrived

Well, here is our little girl, and let me tell you she was a girl from the word go!  She reminds me a lot of Haley but she does have my eyes....they get all squished up every time she smiles, its pretty dang cute :-)
Kennedy Lynn Hargrave (July 15, 2014)

And her brothers give her lots, and lots, and lots of love!!!!

She was a little gandis so everyday was a little sun time

Getting a ride to school to drop their big brother off

Haleys favorite thing to do is dress Kennedy in all her new cloths and of course the bows, she has thousands of bows! And that is not an exaggeration

When did our boys get so dang big!  Pattons favorite part of the day is when he gets to go with mom to pick his big brother up from school :-)

More to follow up in the great (soon to be white) north