Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pig Hunt 2013

So for my birthday Haley bought me a pig hunt with a couple of buddies of mine.  Due to scheduling conflicts its taken until now to actual go.  Hands down one of the best birthday presents ever!  Some of the highlights were, "The Battle of Pig Run", and "The Massacre at Raccoon Ridge".....You'll have to hit me up for those amazing stories.

 I did try my hand at a little turkey hunting.  I learned, 1.  It is very hard!  2. Using a hand call is very hard  3.  Turkeys attract each other in identical ways as humans. (the big Tom's like it when the hen plays hard to catch)
 I did see a ton of deer!  That guy sneaking away was only 75yds away....they know its not deer season and know I cant shoot them!

 That is Walter Brown by the truck.  He is a civil engineer for the city of Austin.  He does guided hunts to help his Dad pay the taxes on the land.  Same guy I did the wounded warrior hunt with back in January.

 So this is my buddy Nathaniel.  This was his first hunt ever.  He shot a raccoon and then texted me to ask if it was legal.....I let him sweat a little.  He also shot himself the biggest pig of the hunt, easily over 120lbs.

 My other buddy Jared.  He has hunted before but had never actually gutted anything.  It was "entertaining".  With him is another guide. Bill "The Greek".  He is actually from Greece.  Came to Texas in the 80's and never left.

 View from the back porch of the hunters cabin.

 Side view

 Our awesome cabin.

 Pretty well hidden.  I had this little fella in the picture below come about 10ft from me before I said hi and he freaked out!

 My "other" hunting buddy.

 Praying a turkey shows up but apparently I was the only one out!

 Dropping off Nathaniel's pig for processing.

Those are some big south Texas pigs!

Random Fun

 Went to the Rattle Snake Round up in Sweet water Texas last month.  There was just a ridiculous amount of snakes.

Egg Finding

Well here is a little bit more from Easter.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Mix of All Things Fun

March was crazy. One Spring Break vacation, two birthdays, and an Easter holiday later, we are very behind. I will write about it in more detail later. For now, some very quick captions on some very out of order pictures. Because we have to post SOMETHING!!!

Cabella's  on our way to Spring Break vacationing.

Passed out after Sea World. Long story there. Later...promise...

Making Daddy's birthday cake.

Tasting Daddy's birthday cake.

Taking a bubble bath.

Playing in the water and mud in March. Love this weather.

Bennett loves mud.

Making Patton a mud monster.

The mud monster aftermath (gross).

Our clean boys.

Borrowing Daddy's coat.

"Why are you always taking pictures of me?"

We love lunch time.

And cuddle time.

Easter Egg hunt at the Library.

Patton's egg.

Bennett's Wreck It Ralph 4th birthday party, complete with bounce house.

Some of the grown-ups. There were about 20 guests in attendance at this event.

Some of the presents (Bennett made quite the haul).

We celebrated on Friday, since Bennett's real birthday landed on Easter Sunday this year.

King Kandy's Castle (and Matt)

The birthday cake and the impossible-to-light candles.

The invitations, made with my mad Photoshop skills

Easter Sunday and my little Bill Nye

Bennett as an official 4-year-old in his Easter Sunday outfit.

Just chillin'.

Bennett again. Not sure where the pictures of the egg hunt are. We'll find them later...

Dr. Suess's birthday party at the Library.

Bennett's best friend, Camden's, birthday party at Zoomerang.

Fishing at Uncle Jess's and Aunt Rachelle's.

Catching perch. This was the most fun fishing I've ever had. It took about three seconds to catch one.

Checking out the horses. Bennett will start riding lessons this year.

Sea World map reader.

Bennett and the scuba diver had a special bond.

Patton wasn't sure about all those fish...

Winning Bennett's new favorite friend, Eagle (which is actually a toucan).

Sea World rocks!

Patton's friend, Hannah, came along for the fun.

Bennett's friend, Camden, making sure they stick together.

Matt's PERFECT birthday bunt cake.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Bennett got a hold of Patton...

Hey there.

Patton the Mud Monster.

Going on bike rides.

Bennett can keep up on his own now. SO fun!!

Taking a rest (actually, I think he was sick in this picture...)

Egg hunt at the library again.

Birthday party again (Matt put these pictures in).

Bennett on Easter again.

Our boys :)