Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Funny Things Kids Say 2015

So here it is.  The long anticipated....


Patton, "Mom, I accidently spilled jam on the floor"
Me, "oh.....where?"
Patton, "I ate it!"
-Patton, age 3 1/2-

Kennedy got her 15 month shots a few days ago, and has
been very cranky since.  Yesterday, as Patton and Kennedy were 
eating a snack, Patton just randomly went over to Kennedy, and
with so much love and tenderness he put hi little hand on her
shoulder, looked deep into her eyes, and asked, "You ok?"
Kennedy nodded and they both kept eating.
-Patton, age 3 / Kennedy, age 15mons-

Bennett cannot say "surprise" to save his little life.  It is always
-Bennett, age 6 1/2-

Bennett, "Mom? You know what I'm going to do when I die?"
Me, "What"
Bennett, "Get buried in Mexico.  I've always wanted to
go to Mexico"
-Bennett, age 6 1/2-

-Kennedy, age 15mons-

Bennett prounounces the word, "Wagon" as "Ya-gon"
-Bennett, age 6 1/2-

Whenever I put Kennedy in bed, she puts her little bum up
into the air and giggles with glee as she snuggles
down into her pillow.  The girl likes her sleep!
-Kennedy, age 15mons-

Bennett has learned a lot about the first Thanksgiving
and the "Pill-Grams" in first grade this year
-Bennett, age 6 1/2-

Pattons uses of words like:
"Seriously"     "Actually"
        "Totally"      "Awesome" 
-Patton, age 3-

Kennedy goes where her brothers go, and does
whatever they are doing.  Always! She will not be left behind!
-Kennedy, age 15mons-

"Patton, you need to sleep so you can get tall tall like Daddy"
"No, I just stay little, Pleeeaaassseee I stay little?"
(How do you say no)
-Patton, age 3 1/2-

Patton, "Shake your booty! Oh ya!
Me, "Patton, Be appropriate!"
Patton, "Mom, its not appropriate.  Its funny!"
-Patton, age 3-

Me, "Ok Patton, lets put all the cars back in your basket"
Patton, "Rodger that Mom"
-Patton, age 3-

Kennedy will frequently make eye contact with me, then squint her eyes, curl her
upper lip and breath like an animal.  We call it her, "Muscle Face"
-Kennedy, age 16mons-

Me, "Did you sleep good last night?"
Bennett, "Yep!"
Me, "What did you dream about?"
Bennett, "Bacon!"
-Bennett, age 6 1/2-

"Whew", I was one thirsty guy!!!"
(Patton, after chugging a glass of water)
-Patton, age 3-     

Me, "Patton, your job is to pick up those blocks"
Patton, "Aye aye, Captain Ma'am"
(followed up by a sarcastic salute)
-Patton, age 3 1/2-

"I'm soaking hot!"
-Bennett, age 6 1/2-

"Mom!  Catch me! I'm going to FELL!"
-Patton, age 3 1/2-

-Bennett, age 6 1/2 / trying to say regular.....always

(Until next years crazy sayings)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Christmas and the End of 2015, Hello New Year!

Well Christmas has come and gone, and I have to say it has been a great one for us.  We had a pretty mild winter in North Dakota.  Life has been pretty good for us this year.  We have had a lot of ups and downs but the good Lord always seem fit to bring us out on top.  This Christmas we decided to spend time at home with just our little family and focus on the meaning of the season.

It warmed up to above freezing just long enough for to get the decorations out before it got below freezing again

Lars has become a permanent fixtures in our home.  He is confined to laying only on his bed.....its a real hard life.  Once it warms up outside he is going to have to figure out what grass feels like again

Kennedy is just getting cuter everyday.  She has been alot of fun the Christmas season with oohhs and aahhs, everything has been exciting

A very nice person dropped off ALOT of cloths for our little Kennedy.  Here she is modeling your new snow cloths

This one is pretty funny actually.  Bennett had his year end Christmas play.  What you don't see in this picture is there is a video that goes along with this.  Its about 10mins long and Bennett has his hand in his pants the entire time :-)  We will definitely be saving that one for black mail later on in his teenager years

We just wish if we were ever to move we could just pick this ole' house up and take it with us!

We did alot of fun activities for the kids with alot of the local families that also stayed around for Christmas

This is the gingerbread men they all made. 

What has always amazed me is that the 1yr old and the 3yr old can keep their gingerbread men still looking like gingerbread men and then our 6yr old bust out his Picasso and makes......something very abstract. Good times

One of our warmer days. Patton actually left the house to do a little exploring

Just some random pics of our little ones, cant get enough

Bennett has become quite the little chef.  Always wanting to make his own thing and then of course sharing his new creations to everyone for a taste test :-)

One our our better, happy days in the snow

Kennedy's first pigtails

Haley had this fantastic idea to take the whole family ice skating downtown.  Everybody was super excited and just couldn't wait to get on the ice.

Then reality struck and......we all fell down :-)

This picture took 5mins to compose....Mom had to hold everybody up, but regardless we had alot of fun.....we only mad it about 10mins and then we all decided we were good :-)

It cant be Christmas without somebody getting sick, it all started with Patton and then slowly trickled down until it finally ended with me

Christmas Morning was Awesome!!  Bennett found his orange from Santa and Patton wouldn't stop playing with his skylanders

Kennedy got a new bike from Santa. She was beyond excited for this new great toy.

Its always fun putting all the new toys together

Mamie and Pop sent read along books and this kiddos could not get enough of them. We do love then fact that these 3 always want to be around each other.  Makes a parent heart warm

So Bennett asked Santa for $2,000.....what can I say the kid reaches for the stars.  Well Santa decided that he would bring Bennett $2,000 pennies :-)  I think we are going to find pennies throughout our house for the coming year.......thanks Santa!

Kennedy also got her first "baby" Hours and hours of play time.....only catch is she wants Haley or I there to help her out. We don't mind!

Date Night!!!! Haley and I did a world wind marathon of all 6 Star War movies and once complete we went out on a date and watched #7.  It was awesome!
......wait did I mention we were all sick??  Well we thought we were done with stomach bug and then during church the following Sunday. Every single kid complained of their ears hurting!!! So after church we took another family trip to the doctor were we received 2 ear infections and 3 colds.

Just being goofy, Haley is a great Mom!

These 2 decided they were done playing in the snow.......they had only been outside for 5 minutes!

Did I mention I was the last one to get sick?!!  Lars and I were confined to the bed for 2x days!  NOT fun.

We did get a chance to take a trip to the indoor pool and play center.  Always something to do!

Kennedy's first time on the slide.

Sometimes we just need to take a little break

Just love hanging out with my boys!  They wearing you completely out and keep you young all at the same time :-)

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year from us.  2015 was awesome.  Cant wait to see what 2016 will bring!!!