Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sixteen Thousand Words

 If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here is a thousand times sixteen for you to enjoy.

Thursday Story Time with friends. Always fun.

 My kitchen a few weeks ago, while Matt was redoing the cupboards. He's finished this section now and on to another. A little at a time...

We were sent Omaha steaks in the mail from a company we did business with, and there was dry ice in the package to keep them cold. We liked the steaks, but we loved the ice.

 I'm pretty sure we wasted enjoyed at least an hour and a half playing with this stuff.

Last Saturday was "Fishing in the Park" day, which basically meant every child in Copperas Cove cast a line into a duck pond the size of a football field. It was more for the experience than for the fish. P.S- I absolutely adore this picture of Bennett.

 The lack of fish was made up for with free chips and hot dogs (or chips and "hockgogs" if you are Bennett, who also has a remarkably hard time eating anything from the edges, like a normal person. All bites are taken directly from the middle. No matter what.)

 And here's Patton at the park. He wasn't much into the fishing, but he enjoyed the weather and wearing his man boots.

This Saturday was the Emergency Preparedness fair at the Stake Center. Matt ran the Boy Scout Merit Badge class again and had a really good turn out. Both our boys had pink eye (a mild case) so we didn't really go to the fair with Matt. We did bring him lunch though, and since we were there, I let Bennett get a balloon animal...

 ...and sit in the fire truck...

 ...and drive me to jail.
But I promise that's all we did, and we were reeeeaaaaaaly careful not to infect anybody else (hopefully).

 Patton was a trooper through it all. He has spent the better part of this week battling 105* fevers, which we discovered were brought about by double ear infections and yes, pink eye (which is actually where Bennett and later on, Matt, got it from. Thanks a lot, little boy. Good thing you're cute.) P.S- I absolutely adore this picture of Patton.

 And in other news, it is spring here. 

 I love this weather! I joke that Bennett is an outside dog, but it's really true for all of us. We are all Saint Bernards at heart.

Patton has become a fabulous eater lately, and loves to feed himself (i.e- the cornbread mess spread around his bum and feet in this picture.) Bennett has also started doing his part--our kitchen is messy a lot. 

 This is a bridge Bennett built to cross over this really big lake. Two things Bennett is really good at: having a great imagination, and playing in mud. I hope that never changes.

And this is my pantry. Not sure why this picture is on here...Matt uploads these, you know. I've totally rearranged in here since this was taken anyway. Hummmm.

So there it is. Next week I'll try to write a little more, but at least you got some pictures in this one.
Happy Spring!