Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Well, we have taken the next step and taken on a company command.  Mom & Wayne came all the way up to support us.  This is kind of a big deal.

Mammie and Pop waiting for the ceremony to begin.  Pop is now officially retired.  It makes it very nice when it comes time for visits.

The change of command ceremony is very significant part of the military and represents the physical and symbolic passing of responsibility.

The old Commander passes off the guidon and with it the authority.  The Brigade Colonel then passes the guidon to the new Commander (Me) and the authority and responsibility that comes with it.

....and of course the most important troops in my arsenal!  I really couldn't do it without them!  This is very much a family career!

Work & Fun

Well, Still catching up but we are almost there!  Here are just some of the latest going on's here in sunny Oklahoma!

Patton loves his room

Yep!  This boy loves sharing his half eaten food ;-)

Here is one of Briefy

Here is one of Briefy's baby!

Haley's favorite sign in town.

Bennett and Mommie took a trip to the nearby train tracks...

Patton was a little fussy on the ride home....so Haley decided to give him a chocolate pretzel.....

Bennett drew me a self portrait....it's in the office :-)

Getting ready for our 4th July party and we turned around and Bennett was doing this!

You know we love Independence Day!

Had a few of the neighbors over and like 20 kids!

There is a kid in all of us!

We did get a visit from Grandma Hazard from Idaho for a while.  The boys sure enjoy hanging out with their grandparents!

We took a trip to "The Holy City".  This is Bennett being "KING"

Bennett and Patton waiting to be tried for their crimes.....punishment.....Ice Cream!

We also stopped by the wild life refuge and learned a little bit more about this awesome state.

Griff and Ash came down for the weekend as well, its always fun to have visitors.
Just some more fun ones of the Holy City

Bennett loves hanging out with his Uncle Griff

Haley kept asking me where the buffalo were as we drove around.....turned the corner and BAM!  There you go!

We had a Branch party at the lake...Bennett and Zoey heading out in a sailboat...(Zoey didn't last very long, unfortunately...)

Bennett headed out with the Branch President.

Getting ready to have some fun

Haley and Ashland planning what they are going to do when we have our own lake-house

The girls bailed on us into the evening but the "Men" hung strong until the end!

Bennett is a very avid tuber

We really do have a great Branch!  Great folks all around.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Guided Tour

Ok, so here are the pictures as promised of our new Oklahoma home. These are in zero order, but think of a basic house with the living room and kitchen in the front and the bedrooms in the back, and you've pretty much got it.

This is Bennett's room standing in the doorway. His closet is to the right of this picture, and his little bookshelf is to the left by the head of his bed.

The guest room. It's set up the exact same as our last guest room in Texas. Actually, the entire house is almost set up the exact same as our home in Texas. Must be a popular floor plan.

Our master bedroom.

Patton's room from the doorway. These are all really hard rooms to get pictures of in one shot, especially with the huge windows letting in way too much light for photography purposes (but which I otherwise love) but Patton's room is one of my favorites. It just turned out really cute. His wooden tree is on the wall directly to the left of the door, and his closet is around the corner.

Our master bathroom. Exciting, I know. It does have a jacuzzi tub though, which Bennett adores since the "beaters" make great bubbles baths.

My personal closet. This IS exciting!

Matt's closet. Very manly.

The living room from the dining area in the kitchen. The front door is to the left in this picture, down the entry hall. That back door is to the right. Matt had just gotten home in this picture and was having traditional "cuddle time" with his Bennett-Buddy.

The living room from the entry hall. See that huge window? I am going to make some awesome floor-length curtains for that sucker. Wish me luck...

Standing where the fireplace is, looking down the entry hall (PS- I took like, a billion pictures of our house and then asked Matt to upload them. I guess he actually uploaded every picture I took. Sorry.)

The kitchen from the back door. These are the super great bar stools we got when we moved into this home and realized we suddenly had a bar. I love them. Matt loves me :)

The dining area with our small table. Our big table is in the garage until we get back into a kitchen that can handle its size. Until then though, we are actually enjoying this little table. Oh, and Patton is modeling his highchair. 

Patton's view from his highchair. (Again, I really should have specified to Matt which pictures to actually upload...)

The kitchen. Which is actually sooo small once you are in it. A man created this kitchen. A man who never cooked in his life. Or organized dishes... 

The bar. Again.

Oh good, we're moving on from the living room. Here is the part of the backyard that is fenced in. We live on about an acre but only a part of it is fenced. No trees. Not a one. But the grass is surprisingly soft and green even though we have never watered it once. Thank you, hallelujah! By the way, the big concrete thing in the right hand corner is our storm cellar. And we have a really nice covered porch to the right of where this picture was taken that never made it onto the blog.

This is the garden we surprise-planted Matt for Father's Day. But this picture is about two weeks old, and apparently that makes a really big difference in plants. They are all a lot bigger now. We ate a zucchini from here just the other day.

This is the inside of our storm cellar. Prepped and ready to go! Bring on the tornado!
And we end our tour with a picture of the guest bathroom. Awesome.

There you go. All except for the garage--which is a mess--and the laundry room--which has the most amazing washer and dryer EVER. And I think we've already put on a picture of the outside so...tada! We are loving it here and it really does feel like our home now. Come visit anytime!