Thursday, August 14, 2014

Making Memories While Moving :-)

So we decided to make a little family out of our big move to our new job, which we didn't have yet to North Dakota.  We spent almost 2 weeks getting up to our new home and it was a blast.  So here we go.

 Our last meal out the local McDonalds in Elgin Oklahoma...Bennett asked for a Cesar salad and was watching the news :-/  This kid is older than he is.

 We spent some great time with some of our favorite cousins in Bartelsville OK.

 We stopped at the Omaha zoo.  Because it was about 14 degrees outside we had the place almost all to ourselves.

 The had this giant domed area that was a desert retreat....we spent ALOT of time here between shows

 Haley has a things about monkeys, she DOES NOT LIKE THEM.  This guy was eating lunch and then.....threw it up in front of the boys and then ATE it up!....if that wasnt bad enough he threw it up 2 more times, I guess well digested food is best :-)

 Good memories

 One of our campsites.  Was a lot of fun

 Just a cool house in Sioux Falls.  We actually saw alot of old homes like this one.

 These bridges were a big hit on the under 3ft crowd.

 Haley has visited Mt Rushmore when she was little, one of my bucket list marked off

 Random wild goats at Mt Rushmore,  Haley and Bennett just had to have a picture

The boys showing of some Texas pride

 We also stopped by the Crazy Horse Monument.  The story and what it represents is pretty amazing.  Will definitely will be visiting again.

 100's of pieces of art and Indian clothing have been donated to Crazy Horse Monument.  I just couldn't get over the detail on this beautiful, one of a kind 73' Winchester

 Our pathetic attempt of a selfie

 We'll just stick to the traditional.  This picture says it all.  Everyone one done!

Birthday dinner followed by a lava cake and Ice Cream in South Dakota.  Haley never forgets

 Killdeer mountains on the left.  Almost made it to our new home

 Bennett was a great navigator.  The "King" had a really good ride

We arrived in Killdeer right at the end of March hoping for some warm weather.  This is how cold it was that morning
More to follow :-)

Moving To North Dakota!!!

So here we are heading to North Dakota.  Here is our what our home looked like for the next 5 months.  Haley actually did a really good job keeping it pretty clean

 Boys bunk room in the back of the trailer

 The entertainment/living room

 Breakfast table

And little Miss Kennedy just a months growing