Monday, October 26, 2015

More Fun in North Dakota......

Well we thought we were done traveling this summer but Haley decided to throw in a few more trips.  We really have been blessed to live in such a beautiful place.  Its been a ton of fun to take the kids places to visits family and friends and to build all those fun memories. We have truly been blessed to be able to do such wonderful things. 

 Patton's 3rd birthday!

 Here is Kennedy with her Great Aunt Mel, Aunt Mel is my mom's sister.

 The kids and Haley did a last minute "girls" trip to Idaho that turned more into a full on family get together.  Bennett really has it rough on these road trips :-)

 On the way home from the cruise this summer we had to stop in to Aunt Ashlands home town and do some swimming......A cold pool is always the right answer when its 100 degree's outside!

 Back in North Dakota
 Kennedy and Patton have become quite the buds!  Always getting into something and, it seems, at times to "encourage" each other for a little mischief.

 Largest cow in North America, I think her name is Sue???

 Bennett is always looking at earning a few extra bucks. I believe his Mom offered him a quarter if he weeded the garden......oh yeah that's the view in our backyard......did I say we love where we live :-)

 When we got home from our trip this summer some very good friends of ours has wrapped the inside our house with balloons, streamers and candy!

 Gracie and Kennedy rockin the Cozumel t-shirts

 Sunflowers are one of the largest crops grown here in North Dakota.  It is a beautiful site to see the thousands of acres of them all blooming.

 Just having fun at the water-park

 Bennett and Patton have been "creating" something in my shop all summer long.  Still not really sure what it is???  Grandpa came to visit and they started to work on it but I think they got side tracked with playing with matches....or something like that :-)
 Alot of people around Killdeer own buffalo herds.  Its always fun to go on a drive and see the buffalo exceptionally when they are having their babies.

 I couldn't remember if I had put this one in before but this was our little angel getting tubes in her ears just like her brothers, Mom and Dad......When they stop moving for just a minute you get a chance just see them and enjoy those little angel faces.

Doing something with some cousins at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Why would you want to grow stuff in a garden when it makes the perfect place for a mud fight :-)

Patton really does love his Grandpa!!!

As Kennedy grows and her little personality blossoms we have discovered that this little girl loves to climb things.

One thing we love to do is have a picnic outside followed with a little dip in the pool

We finally got the garage cleaned up.  Here is Haley posing with her accomplishment.  Most of those tubs are kids cloths.......

I don't think we have ever posted pictures of our house but we have been wanting to, enjoy.

Sometimes we just like to sit back and enjoy watching this little boy and his imagination at work!

Love watching this little girl grow up.  Everyday is a new adventure with her

Here she is taking her first steps :-)

Haley has been doing a great job teaching Bennett how to play and he is actually doing a great job learning how.

Well we broke down and got this little kitten and the boys named her Smokey.  Smokey was a great cat, yes I said was. One of my stipulations is that if we get a cat it had to be an outside cat. 

Well we were able to keep this little kitty for a few weeks and then she just took off.......Haley is still pretty upset about it and the boys have asked that our next cat not be such a wild cat!!

With the fruit trees we have we have been really learning how to can. We picked these peachs up at a farmers market and Haley did a great job canning our apples from our apple tree's

I just had to throw these in of this little boys first day of school

Bennett's locker

Bennett sitting at his new 1st grader desk. Patton was enjoying being goofy.

Not sure what Smokey was doing in the car but they sure loved her :-(

Haley always wanted a brown, curly haired baby.....well she got 1 out of the 2.....I love her blonde hair, reminds of her Mama!

I'm not Patton, I'm cool guy

This little girl recieved her lambie from her Mamie. She loves, loves to cuddle

Story time is one of our more favorite times of the day

So every couple of weeks we go "shopping" downstairs.  Bennett and Patton get there little shopping cart we fill them up and restock the upstairs pantry!

Just having fun pretending to be gardeners

It is extremely fun to have a little girl.  She does such girly things and it just melts my heart

Until next time......ENJOY