Saturday, November 23, 2013


Halloween 2013

Back Tracking...

So I finally got a hold of Haley's phone and found a ton of pictures that we never loaded into our family blog!  So let us begin

 So we went to Austin last month and visited some good friends of ours.  Mom and Wayne drove up for the day to visit with us.  Dad and I went golfing and Mom and the boys went to the LBJ Gardens in Austin.


 Haley has been home schooling Bennett and he, of course is doing awesome and Haley is been getting daily lessons of "patience"......Its pretty awesome!

 ....doing a little school work with cousins....

 Had the opportunity to go to a couple of dinners, one which was a coop with local business and the other with Mayor Mike Huckabee.  It was alot of fun!

 Had a little visit from some of our favorite people in Northern Oklahoma.  Went for a little visit to the science museum in OKC.

Uncle Griff was brave enough to sleep outside with these two big little kids and then of course the two little ones where learning to kiss goodbye!  Good times.