Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Being Us!

So nothing massively to report just a few pics from us from the last few weeks. We have been really busy with Matt starting his new job and I'm entering the second trimester. So exciting! Life is just busy and wonderful.

Bennett and his Daddy hanging out in his new office.

Bennett thinks he is so big! He is always saying, "Mommie, I go to work like Daddy!"

Matt loves his new lathe. He is always out in the garage tinkering with something. This is a little something he is making for Wayne. I think its for his leather working stuff.

So Matt decided he was going to cut a bunch of trees down and make some planks for building furniture or something. Bennett absolutely love climbing all over the trees. If only for a few days!

(This post was written by Matt, as if he were Haley. We think he did a pretty good job.)

Sunday, January 15, 2012


So we are going to try and update some pic's from the last few months. There is a lot so enjoy!

Visiting Ashland & Griffin, stopped off at the mall for a ride on the carousel.

Zoey & Bennett just hangin out!

Bennett is a pretty good kid. Just couldn't resist taking this picture of him before church. He is pretty good for a 2yr old at church!

Christmas Eve at Mamie & Pops house. Bennett wanted to be painted like Santa

Pop made a sled for all the grandkids to ride around in.

Story time at the local library. Bennett was not to interested with the whole sitting on the lap thing.

This is one of our favorite things to do with boxes. We like fire!

During Christmas break we went down to the Children s Museum in Austin. Bennett of course loves the large train set.

Bennett the chef!

And of course he was absolutely mesmerized by the train set!

Dont poke the Dino in the eye...they don't like that!

BLORA puts on this massive light show every year. It is a pretty cool drive. Bennett got a kick out of all the moving lights.

You of course have to start off at the North Pole!

This is a little deer mount I did for a friend. It turned out pretty good I think.

Another little project I did for a buddy. If you look close it looks like a deer walked all over his rifle.

We were invited to attend a pretty exclusive wedding of a close friend of ours. It was quite nice.

Just visiting Mamie & Pop and doing what we love...reading books

My buddy Erik's parents came down from Utah and of course it snows up North and you cant play golf, but not in Texas! We can golf year round!

Haley & I at the 2-7 CAV Military Ball...wouldnt know that pretty thing is 3 months preganant.

Bennett on Christmas Day. He pretty much ate candy and played with his train set...pretty hard life.

Finally was able to help my buddy Erik get himself a nice whitetail before he heads over to Afghanistan.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Lunchtime Interaction

I am pregnant. Therefore, I will be spending the next nine months on the floor and near the toilet. That is all the back story you need for the following conversation.

Me (attempting to eat some sort of lunch): Whew, Bennett. I'm having a hard time eating this.
Bennett: You can do it Mommy! It's not too hard. You need to eat it all. (He got that last phrase from Matt.)
Me: OK. I'm trying.
Bennett: Mommy. If you eat all of your food I will give you a big, BIG hoho!! It will be so good.
Me (after chocking down all of my food): Look Bennett! I ate it all!
Bennett: Yay Mommy! You did it! I is so proud of you! Now I can give you a hoho and a big kiss! Happy birthday, Mommy!

This Baby is getting one heck of a good big brother.