Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Primary Program and Life

Here we are in Oklahoma, just doing our thing. And suddenly I realize that it's been like, forever, since I updated this blog on what "our thing" is, exactly. And the end of the year is fast approaching, when we will print off this blog into a book and step back and say, "Hmmmm. That's a really small book."

Oh well. That's what new year's resolutions are for.
At least I'll try to put a few more pages in before that time comes.

The big news today is that it was the Primary Program for our little branch. It was Bennett's first time participating in the program, and it was my fourth time writing the program. I'm actually the Primary Chorister, but somehow I ended up not leading any music at all, and writing the program instead (?) At first it looked like I was going to have to sit in for the Sunbeam teacher on the stand as well, but we worked things out to where I got to sit in the audience like a normal parent and have complete tunnel-vision on my adorable, wiggly 4-year-old who I couldn't have been more proud of.

Bennett is awesome. He has no fear of public speaking at all. Back in Texas our family sang the Primary song, "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" in sacrament meeting a week before we moved. Bennett practiced the song well with us, but Matt and I were both a little nervous about how he would act once we stuck him up in front of an audience with a microphone in front of his face. On the day of the musical number though, Bennett marched right up onto the stand, stood on the chair that was balanced on top of the stool so he could reach the microphone, and belted out in the most confidant little rendition of "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" that I have ever heard. We were so proud (and emotional, since we were moving from that ward in a week) that it was a good thing Bennett carried us because I cried through most of it. Since that day, Bennett has had several other "microphone talks" (prayers, other musical numbers, primary talks) and each time he impresses us with his cool confidence in addressing any number of people in any situation.

The Primary Program today was no exception. When he walked to the front of the podium his teacher began trying to help him say his lines, but he whispered (very loudly) into the microphone that "I don't need help, I got this." He then proceeded to unroll a piece of paper I had given him with some pictures on it to help him remember his lines (although he has had it memorized for two weeks. I think he just felt cool "reading" his talk) and he delivered his part clearly:

"Heavenly Father created our bodies. He wants us to be nice to our bodies, and take care of them. He doesn't want us to be mean to our bodies."

Then he turned around, walked back to his seat, and announced loudly to the little girl sitting next to him, "Did you see how good I did? I'm really going to get chocolate ice cream with syrup on top when I go home!" I was so proud of him. And yes. He really did get his ice cream :)

I think it's amazing that we have a kid old enough to be in the Primary program. When did that happen?!

Patton, on the other hand, is more then welcome to walk himself right into Primary whenever he wants. That kid is driving me CRAZY!! Church is right over nap time and lunch time and he is not exactly rolling with the punches. He is the grumpiest, fussiest, LOUDEST child EVER and I am ready to just bring a pack-n-play and set it up in the foyer. The entire branch would probably thank me if I did. I know this is just a phase he is going through, and that he will eventually learn to sit, and hold still, and maybe, just maybe, he will learn how to NOT BE SO LOUD. But until then I will just try to be patient and enjoy the beautiful artwork in the hallways.

 In other news, Matt just got home from a two-week hunting trip in New Mexico with some friends from Texas. He hasn't stopped talking about it since he got home. I don't really love hunting, but I love that whenever Matt goes hunting he comes home so happy :)

I am just enjoying life. We are currently redoing our kitchen table and finishing up the last little projects that we haven't gotten around to doing yet. It feels good to finally be "done" moving in and I'm excited to see this house finished! I've also started my own little business working for It Works! and so far it's been really fun! More on that later.

Bennett is on a little soccer team that Matt is the coach of and they are doing really well. They're team is named the Vipers and they are currently undefeated! Woo-hoo! Beyond the scores though, it is super fun(ny) to watch a bunch of four and five year olds run after a ball and have victory dances when they kick it into the goal...even if it's the wrong goal.

Patton is ridiculously cute (when he's not being loud and disruptive at church). He is starting to learn how to get the things he wants by using his "please" and "thank you" hand motions, and by pointing and saying, "That?" in the cutest high-pitched voice. Bennett's voice was always so low and husky that it's fun to have a little squeaker around the house now. He has also learned that if he stand behind me he can put his hands on the back of my legs and gently push me in the direction he wants me to go. Like to the refrigerator to get him a drink. I love that boy.

Other than that we are just trying to find our place here. I know we moved clear back in May, but it took us awhile to really get settled, and then I left for almost an entire month. So it feels like we are just now getting here. But we are excited to see where this life takes us next!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

North To Alaska!.....Almost

Matt is fabulous and uploaded ALL the pictures of our great Hazard Family Reunion pilgrimage that we went on in August. Aaaaand I'm just now going to put a caption under some of them. Sorry it's so late. But just know that this trip took us across three different time zones from our house, to Oklahoma City OK, to Dallas TX, to Draper UT, to Rexburg ID, to Coeur d'Alene ID, to Rexburg ID, to Provo UT, to Draper UT, to Bartlesville OK, to our house...and that was just the places we stayed overnight. I packed and unpacked and repacked all three of our bags and Patton's pack n' play eleven different times over the course of a three week period. 

And it was GREAT!

Ashland and her girls were with us almost the entire time, and I must say we bonded on this trip. Because you always bond with the person you share life and death situations traveling alone through airports and hotels with four children ages four and under. I'm happy we got to do this together :)

Patton hitching a ride on the baggage cart in the hotel in Dallas. We stayed there overnight before our flight to Utah.

Ashland, calling Griffin to tell him she had booked our hotel shuttle to take us to the wrong airport. And that we found out about it only after we had loaded four suitcases, four car seats, four carry-on bags, and four children into the shuttle van and were driving away from the hotel. It was an adventerous day, to say the least.

"Zoey, I'm so excited to go into space."

Patton completely fell asleep on me as I was putting his pajamas on in Utah after our long day of travel. Like, dead-to-the-world asleep. Poor boy.

Ashland lugging Bennett off to bed after our long day of travel. Both boys did awesome, by the way. They are great travelers.

Anna Sophia teaching Bennett how to groom her horse, Rhed.

Horse People.

...not horse people.

Raspberry picking at Amaw and Ampaw's house. This was easily the highlight of Bennett's entire vacation. He literally woke up at 5am every morning so as not to miss this opportunity. I loved that...not really...

Bennett's raspberry cherry tomato pea and powdered sugar pancake. He ate it all.

One day at the reunion in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (Logan and Rachel hosted this year) it rained so we went to a bouncy house place. This is Patton standing up on his wobbly, just-learning-to-walk legs.

Rock climbing with the cousins and Ampaw. This was one of my favorite mornings. I even surprised myself with realizing I still had my mad climbing skills. (AKA-I made it to the top).

Boating the Coeur d'Alene River. Bennett had a blast. Patton endured.

Bear World back in Rexburg with Amaw and Ampaw. Bennett wanted to go on this ride, but sort of panicked once he realized it took him up in the air. And then dropped him. Repeatedly. Poor guy.

Patton LOVED the animal furs. He is a cuddle-buddy with anything soft.

Bennett's new best friend.
While in Rexburg, we got to visit with Matt's older brother, Jake, and his family. Here is Bennett with his cousins Kendall, Madi, and Emma. We hadn't seen them for a long time and it was so fun to catch up! These little girls got BIG!

And just in time for our visit Jake's wife, Janell, brought their first beautiful baby boy into the world, Carson Wayne Hargrave. This is Bennett with his newest cousin.

Me and Carson. I was so happy we got to be there for this!!

Amaw and Ampaw playing with Darcy and Patton at the splash park in Provo, Utah. We went down for my cousin's missionary homecoming and another cousins wedding.

 Milk: it does a body good.

While in Provo we stayed with my Grandma Hill. Bennett helped her get the mail each day.

Love this picture

Milkshakes at Great Grandma Hill's house. The tradition lives on!

Playing house in Grandma Hill's basement. This is pretty much how I spent my visits to Provo as a little girl, and now my kids are doing the same thing. Cool and weird all at the same time...I feel old...

Patton at my cousin Troy's wedding. He found a stick he was pretty proud of.

Aubree and her dad walking down the isle.

Dance party! My kids can break it down.

I loved the decorations at this wedding! So simple but classy. It was beautiful.

Oh I get so happy when I see this picture! This is my bestest best friend from Texas, Joelle. If you've read this blog at all you've heard about her and her family. A lot :) But they moved to Utah about a year before we moved to Oklahoma, so we haven't seen them in a long time. But on this trip we got to visit and meet each others newest kids and catch up on life and it was like we had never even said goodbye. I love good friends like that! I love Joelle!

And Bennett loves her little girl, Brielle. They are going to get married (but not until they're 24).

Also while in Provo we got to visit Matt's youngest sister, Sarah and her husband, Josh, and her tummy which is the current residence of my niece. Their little house is adorable and despite the fact that Bennett dumped an ENTIRE container of fish food into their aquarium, we had a great time with them.

Saying good-bye at the airport (pre-tears). We love these guys!

Flying home.

But we didn't go home to our house right away because we had to wait for Matt to come up and get us on the weekend. So first we stayed at Griffin and Ashland's house, where all seven of us shared a terrible stomach sickness and created a cesspool of germs in their bathroom.

Then we went home.

All in all it was a great trip, full of activity and friends and family and fun. I do have to say though, that I am happy to be back to normal life, on a schedule, sleeping regularly, and getting to see Matt everyday (he was only with us for a few days in Coeur d'Alene).

So until next time...