Sunday, October 27, 2013

We have had alot of fun getting ready for Halloween around here.  Bennett got the chance to go to an awesome costume party with one of his fellow sunbeams.  The little guy is so allergic to everything his birthday "cake" was a bowl full of was still alot of fun.

 They played lots of games, one of them being a "Wrap a buddy like a mummy" contest.  Very entertaining.

Of course you have to have a dance party complete with glow in the dark sticks!

 We have lived in Oklahoma for almost 6 months and we finally made it to the top of Mount Scott.  Mount Scott is the tallest point around at a whopping 2464ft high...Haley and Bennett looking at all wind turbines that are very prevalent here.

 Haley demonstrating to Bennett how you pretend to "fall" off the mountain.

 ...Bennett's attempt!
 Me and my boys.  I think this was the only time Bennett or Patton actually stood still.  They just loved running all over the top of the mountain.

 My 3 favorite people in the whole world!

 Haley just had to have a "couples" shot.

 Just us!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Things to Come

So here is a little sneak peak and some upcoming some of you know I had the opportunity to go on a elk hunt to the Gila National Forest in New Mexico with a great friend of mine Kevin Lake.  Funny story about 2 weeks before the hunt I received a phone call from Kevin about this awesome elk hunt.  He has asked me almost every year for the past 4yrs.  There was always a reason why I couldn't go (usually work).  Haley told me that if I could get off work she would have no problem with me going.  The next day I broached the subject with my boss and before I could finish saying "can I" he told me "see you in 2 weeks".  The hunt was on!  Now I love to hunt, I mean I LOVE TO HUNT....I try my best to tone it down for my sweet wife who was not raised with dead animals hanging in the back yard that you ate that night.  Slowly been trying to wean her into that life and she is doing great!

 Just across the border into New Mexico. It was a little over 900 miles one way...

 This was the little general store that was still 45min drive to our campsite, and the only gas station for 200 miles...

 As we were driving into the Gila we stopped to glass this side of the mountain and we saw the largest Elk that my buddy Kevin has ever seen.  A massive 7x7  that was well over 350...

 One of the morning hunts we came across this skull and horns.  I have been working on restoring these babies for a bit...last pic is the final product...

 ...back at work we said goodbye to one of our dentist, COL Bernie Hennessy, a great dentist and mentor.  He will be missed.

 Just a pic of some of my staff at one of the clinics.  Great folks to work with...

 I mounted a couple racks for my buddy Kevin.  He shot the muley on the right last year.  Not to shabby...

TA DA! The finished product!  Bennett had alot of fun helping me out with this.  He really wants to hang them in his room but we have to convince his mom first...she has a very no dead animals throughout the house rule...remember this is all very new to Haley but she'll come around :-)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting Ready For Fall!

Well we have just had alot of fun hanging out here in Oklahoma.  Haley and the boys are doing great getting to know new people and exploring our new area.  We of course are just really enjoying our boys!

 Story time at the library on post

 Bennett is quite the little builder.  He has started to build things up high so to help his little brother not knock his buildings over....

 Patton has become the unofficial mascot of the "Vipers" Bennett's soccer team.  He thinks he is so big sitting in his Cabelas chair.

 It is just so much fun watching these little guys running around.

 Haley has started to sell some inch-loss products called "It Works".  We went up to Ashland and Griffin's house to host Haley's first party.  It was alot of fun!

 Our little Soccer Man!

 Haley is always doing something fun with the boys.  We have alot of fun parks around here.

 ....So we found out that Patton has a whole lot of shoes...and he really, really likes to wear them.

 So this is my 2 1/2 week beard after hunting elk in New Mexico...yeah I know, I don't grow facial hair very fast.

 I just really like this picture...

 Seriously though, two of the cutest little boys alive!

 Bennett's drawing from "School" with Mom

 Patton is officially a blanket boy.  Bennett had his bear and Patton has his blanket.

 Patton was concentrating very hard and when he does his little tongue just pops right out.

....lil man had 4 molars coming in at the same time!  It was very pathetic.