Sunday, January 25, 2015

Welcome Back!


Remember me? In case you don't, because I haven't tried to write on here for so long, allow me to introduce our family to you. That seems like a good place to start. We are the Hargrave Family. We have a dad, a mom, two little boys ages five and two, and a 6 month old baby girl.

The dad (AKA: Matt, AKA: Mattie, AKA: Bring Home the Bacon) currently works for Conoco-Philips as a Field Coordinator. He loves to hunt, drive big pickup trucks (and minivans), and build stuff with his hands. He is a fantastic dad, a great husband, and my best friend. He is also going to be very embarrassed when he reads this post.

The mom (AKA: Haley, AKA: MOOOMMMMMYYYY!!!!!!) is fortunate enough to be able to spend long, luxurious days at various spas and exotic getaways. Right... my real life is far less glamorous as a stay-at-home mom/giant spit-up and booger rag. But it is also far more fulfilling. I love that I get to watch each of our babies grow and be the guiding influence in their lives. I have never wanted or wished for anything other than exactly what I am doing now, and I am thankful every day that we are in a position where me staying at home is possible. Life is beautiful--even when it is full of small humans and excessive bodily fluids.

The five-year-old (AKA: Bennett, AKA: Bennett Boy, AKA: "Just FOCUS!") is in Kindergarten this year and loving it. He is a very social creature and can't wait to go to school each day. His teacher may feel otherwise, as he is *ahem* rambunctious, and is always finding new ways of getting notes sent home. He is learning to be a great Kindergartener though, and we are very proud of him. At home Bennett is the best big brother you could imagine, and he never loses patience with his destructive little brother or his hair-pulling little sister. Bennett has a big heart and big brown eyes and he makes me happy to be a mom. And Bennett likes to color so much, that almost everyday when he wakes up he colors. (Bennett had me add this last sentence once he found out I was writing about him.)

The two-year-old (AKA: Patton, AKA: Patton Buddy, AKA: "use your words") is my little shadow all day long. He has the face of an angel and the soul of a donkey. Of all the two-year-olds out there, Patton is the twoie-est. He is just starting to grow into his goofy little personality and he keeps us entertained all day with his silly grin and ridiculous fake laugh. Patton is a cuddler and a reader, and he loves nothing more than to do anything Bennett is doing. He is a tough cookie that has already had multiple trips to the ER and several sets of stitches. It might go without saying that Patton is extremely accident prone. He keeps me on my toes and tests my patience and I love that little stinker to pieces!

The baby girl (AKA: Kennedy, AKA: Kenny Girl, AKA: My Joy Baby) is our little sweetheart. Seriously, if I could have personally built a baby, I would have built Kennedy...but with a little less spit-up. She is super chill and happy happy happy. Happy to be held. Happy to be put down. Happy to be tackled by her crazy older brothers. She cries only when she is hungry or sleepy, and once she is fed or swaddled she is happy again. I. LOVE. THIS. BABY!!

The last two years for our family has been a fun/terrifying roller coaster of ups and downs and "what-were-we-thinking?!" mixed in with "I'm-so-happy-we-did-this!!". We moved from Texas to Oklahoma, then got reeeealy crazy and moved to Killdeer, North Dakota to live in a fifth wheel RV for a few months (while I was pregnant. Fabulous.) Two weeks before Little Miss arrived we moved out of the RV and into a gorgeous home where we now reside and will live for many years to come. Matt has changed careers from the military to the oil field, and has worked his way through three different companies until landing the job he really wanted from the beginning working for one of the big boys. We have had a baby, gotten a minivan (yesterday, actually) started new schools, made new friends, gotten new callings in our ward at church, and rolled with the punches.

We have rolled and rolled and ROLLED with the punches. And you know what? We have landed in a pretty good place. Sometimes rolling is not the most ideal form of transportation, but it sure does get you where you need to be.

So that's us. We are happy. Life is good. And it looks like life is also finally settling down a little, and I am finally ready to take the reigns back on this blog thing. I might even get around to such things as posting actual pictures on here and documenting the birth of our third child (poor third child). So stay tuned.

It just might be worth it.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Funny Things Kids Say!

So here is our yearly stack up of the funny things our kids have said in 2014.  Enjoy, we should did.

"oh man, that was a big splinter, 
Bennett are you okay?"
(through his tears)
"I just need candy and ice cream
to make it better!"
-Bennett, age 4-

"Bennett! You know you are not supposed
to play in my necklaces!
Why did you do this?
Because I just wanted to be cute like you"
-Bennett, age 4-

"Bennett, do you know Easter isnt really
about candy huh?
Whats it about?
....oh! Eggs!!"
-Bennett, age 4-

"Woah, those are some angry ants"
-Bennett, age 4-

"Mom, you've gotta get me out of this cold
water! Hurry, I'm shaving!" (shivering)
-Bennett, age 4-

"Are you ready for me Mom? This is going to
be very dangerous"
(then he jumped!)
-Bennett, age 4-

"Mom, Camden squished my leaf bug.
He never even got to find his family"
-a very upset Bennett, age 3 1/2-

"Bennett, what are you doing?
Then why are you smiling like that?
Because I love you!"
-Bennett, age 4

Standing outside his bedroom door:
"Mom, this is where the magic happens"
-Bennett, age 4-

"I need more birthdays Mom
I hope you have LOTS of birthdays, Bennett.  Like
a million
Ya, like a million!  Or, NO, like
-Bennett, age 4-

"Mom, can we do my hair spikey today?  I want
a mow-hog."
-Bennett, age 5-

"What do you think whenever you see the color red?"
-Bennett, age 5-

(Haley said that's all we are going to put on now....if you want to read more you have to visit our house and read through her memory box)

(also Patton really didnt start talking until the end of they year so.....yeah not a lot of cards for him)

2014 (Part 2 OF 2)

This should be the last of them
(a disclaimer, there were alot more pictures taken during Christmas but they were mostly done by Courtney and Nancy, at this current time this is all we have)

Friday, January 16, 2015