Sunday, December 23, 2012

We are finally caught up before Christmas!

 So this is back at Thanksgiving when our nephew broke his leg.  We all went to the children's hospital to visit him.  Bennett was way more interested in all the fun stuff.

 Aunt Kim (my brother Joe's wife) got to experience the Patton spewathon...all down the front and back of her shirt...they don't make towels big enough...

 We did get the chance to have some family pictures taken.  These are just a few.

 Haley's three boys!  Its a defiant boys club...but Haley (MOM) is the undisputed President!

 Bennett is always doing his best to take care of his little brother.

 Good brothers!

 While in Houston we were able to have dinner with some really good friends of ours.  Its fun to be an adult sometimes.

 Bennett just being himself...this was at his Great Aunt Vicki's house...she kind of has a thing for these little boys.

 It was a great drive to Houston when we went to the Johnson Space Center...We took back countries roads the whole way...Haley was very impressed.

 More roads....

 ...and more roads....

 We passed alot of old country church's along the way...Haley kept asking if we could join these church's just so we could go to a cute little chapel every Sunday????  Sometimes I wonder where she gets these thoughts...
 Patton doing his thing with the Lady's at the the ward Christmas party.

 Bennett doing his "thing" at the ward Christmas party...yeah he is awesome.

 Bennett being Bennett....

 Now Patton, so I receive this text from Haley saying that Patton was really freaking out...the above picture is tough!

 This is what Patton normally looks like....P.S.  Haley got a new iPhone and has been taking alot of pictures with it!

 Patton and the Super Man curl...
 "That's right!  Only I can have drool hanging out of my mouth and still look this cute!"

 Santa Claus did come visit our local library...There is always some fun going on!

 Bennett did really well this year with Santa...the verdict is still out on if Patton thinks the Old Man with the white beard is not scary...

 My little Picasso doing his thing...Haley has an "Art Wall" in the house that Bennett gets to put his art work on...its always fun to come home after a long day and see what cuteness this little man has made.

 Bennett's trip to the Dentist...

 He just thinks he is so big...

 Getting ready for the drill...check out that cold steely glare...

 Patton observing the whole thing wondering on his lack of teeth...

 The Dentist doing her thing...

 All done!  Bennett does very well at the Dentist...they are always very impressed on well behaved Bennett its and how he listens...

 I don't remember if I put this in a previous post but I had to make sure it was in here.  Haley had this made for me for my Career Course Graduation.  My guidon from Iraq...sure love that lady!

 With Christmas comes tons of boxes and some full of packing peanuts!  Yeah the mess....

 "Look at me Mom"

 Our Christmas tree...we decided to go light this year on actual presents.....that didn't really pan out :-(  So much for good intentions

 Haley saw this Mail man while she was she took the picture and stayed on the road....its a mystery...

 Attached trailer is a present...pretty dang cool!

 It being vacation alot of Bennett's friends come over and play...its nice when they are all behaving...

 ...a rare moment in one is crying!

 That's more like it...Bennett is actually enjoying a cartoon show while laying on top of and smashing his friend Camden on the bed....all we heard from the bedroom was a little boy grunting....

 Bennett's Christmas cookie creations...

 Every year BLORA puts on a "Nature in Lights" show.  Its about a 1 1/2 mile of lights but it takes about an hour to drive it all...its right next to a lake.

 Bennett ewed and awed his way through every light scene....Haley only liked the ones that were action packed!  Like reindeer jumping over the road.

 As your finishing up the tour you travel through a tunnel of lights...its pretty awesome...

Well  that catches us up for Christmas...and on too another wonderful year!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The latest and greatest

 Well here is our next batch of pictures from the last few weeks.  We have been pretty busy enjoying life and enjoying each other.  Never a dull moment in the Hargrave house

So for Thanksgiving we went down to my sister Rachel's house but when we were about 10 mins from her house we got a phone call that my nephew Marshall had broken his leg on the trampoline....needless to say Thanksgiving was cancelled but that's okay we still how fun seeing everybody.

 So the little fingers in this picture are actually objects that have their own names...Boomie & Nini...basically Bennett's left and right hand...Patton just happened to be caught in the picture.

 So this is Bennett and me singing and playing a little Johnny Cash to Patton

 Bennett and Haley are always doing something fun.  Here is Bennett transforming an ordinary box into an amazing little country cottage.  This "house" gets played in alot!

 Patton is always close to whatever Bennett is doing, or getting into.  This boy absolutely loves his big brother and vice versa.

 Bennett putting the finishing touches on his awesome house.

 Bennett and Patton hanging out in there new pad....Patton is not 100% on the living arrangements yet.

 Bennett on the other hand is ready to sign papers today!

 So we put a little party together for Haley's birthday.  We did not get alot of pictures but we did get some video.  She got her first official sewing machine!  She was actually pretty excited about it.

 This little boy just never stops growing

 Patton being Patton...its scary to see how much he looks so much like Bennett did at this age...cant deny that their our boys!!

 So in true Hargrave form we took a unscheduled trip to Houston to see the Johnson Space Center.

 The Moon exhibit was pretty dark but it was really awesome!

 So upstairs was the module that simulated controlling rovers on the Mars surface in a different location in the space center.  It was pretty cool.

 Bennett loved operating the remote controled rovers.

 My space boy!

 Talk about dying and going to Heaven.  It was millions of legos just dumped on the floor with a sign that said, "Have Fun".  Yeah Bennetts dream has come true.

 Haley and Bennett had to go on the shuttle simulator.  Haley actually got scared but Bennett held her hand so it was okay :-)

 I played the good Dad roll on this one.  Letting Mom and Bennett do most of the rides while the little man and I did some great cuddling.  Its a hard life.

 They had a tram ride that actually drove around the actual space training center.  This building was the begining of "Rocket Park"  It houses the actual Saturn V rocket that took alot of the Apollo missions to the moon.

 The command center.  This is the actual place that monitors and communicates with the shuttles and the space center.  It was pretty surreal.

 We toured the training center with the identical models of the actual internatianl space center that the astrounats train on prior to living their for a year in space.
 Patton was not to sure about this portion of the tour.

 Its just pretty neat to see what man can create and to think that people live in these little pods for an extended period of time.

 This is a new lunar vehicle that is being tested for the next mission to mars.  Pretty impressive machine.

 The older lunar model.

 They have a testing area that they run the new lunar model through its paces.  Wonder how much that little 4x4 cost??

 Training simulators for the rovers.

 This little guy is an adroid they have been testing...built by GM....go figure.

 Its just fun to hangout together.

 So we finally got around to cleaning up our garage.  Bennett, of course is always interested in what is on my work bench.  He decided  that he needed to do a little building.