Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Trip To South Dakota

So we have been working really hard and it seems every single weekend we pack it choke full of activities at home, our community and church we just decided that we needed to get away for some one on one family time.  Because we live in North Dakota a lot of people think there is absolutely nothing to do here.  Well that couldn't be further from the truth.  You just have to get out and enjoy the history that there is to offer here.  So after a short 4 hr drive we ended up in a small town in the black hills and started our little adventure.

 Patton doing his thing at Mt Rushmore

 George, Thomas, Teddy, Abe and Patton....5 great men that have shaken the world :-)

 We braved the 873 steps to the base of the mountain.  Bennett pretty much ran the entire way!

 The stairs.......

 This was our second visit to Rushmore, almost exactly a year since moving North

 Kennedy enjoyed her new ride

  These boys had a blast

 This was our little cabin, had lots of fun here

 We had to stop at the indoor water park in Rapid City....Haley was showing us her moves

 Kennedy had a blast....for the first 15mins, until she fell asleep :-)

 The cabin had access to a lot of trails and of course we had to go exploring

 Haley just had to have a picture in front of the was, lets say a painful production....

 ...and of course Haley made my birthday cake and we had an awesome party
 who doesn't want grow in water dinosaurs and bouncy balls for their birthday :-)

 Just having fun

 Our one and only attempt at a selfie.....We probably wont try again

 We asked mom if we could buy one.....unfortunately she said no :-(



The Amazing Super Patton.....Story time will never be the same!!!
Crayon stealers beware....

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pictures from Last Month, Part 2.

These are some great ones........
 Patton is a pro at ABC mouse

 Every now and again Haley "experiments" with a new dinner.  Sometimes they are awesome.....other times we kind of have to choke it down :-)

Kennedy Lynn......just cant get enough of this cute little girl!!

 Haley has really wanted the boys to learn tennis.....yeah you can just feel this excitement!

Bennett had his 1st Kindergarten play, he was a dancing, singing chicken :-)

 These two at story time.  They take good care of each other

 Don't worry if you get stuck in the house due to snow storms.  These boys will make sure you get your daily dose of Jesus !!

 Patton just being Patton this was Patton at the tennis courts, excited, cant you tell!

 Just us supporting our Bennett boy at school

 Kennedy looking how to give kisses......there a little wet :-)


 Hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma Great!!

 It started warming up finally!!  Fun at the park with friends

 What a big helper

 Having fun outside with family

 Oh no Kennedy don't let go of the balloons :-)

 Well we joined a local gun club and Kennedy got to have her first shoot out

 We have been wanting to put a fire pit in the back yard since last summer so we finally bit the bullet and put one in.  It is definitely a huge attraction at our house

 This one will for sure be in his wedding video

 Family and guns = Good Times!!

This is Charlize Nagel....she just loves holding Kennedy and Kennedy loves to be held.  Good combo!