Thursday, April 30, 2009

Moving In!

Well this has been quite the exciting week! Matt, Bennett and I all moved into our new house in Copperas Cove, Texas, last Wednesday and we have been going, going, going ever since! Actually, it really hasn't been too bad. We have had the chance to live just a few hours away from our now-house for the last year or so, and have been slowly moving things up the entire time. That meant that all we really had to "move" was our clothes, bathroom stuff, and last minute items we needed right up until the time we left San Antonio for Copperas Cove. However, these items have taken surprisingly long to put away.

I am focusing on one room at a time, and am pleased to announce that Bennett's Nursery (which is SO cute!), the kitchen, our closet, both bathrooms, and the guest bedroom are finally finished. Matt also did a lot of work on the garage, and it is officially a full-scale wood shop now, except for my "laundry room" area. It has been so fun to get to clean and organize and I feel so blessed and happy to have the opportunity to get to live in this beautiful home with my beautiful family!

Some highlights of the week include Matt FINALLY going to work! This was a big deal, because we have been waiting and waiting and WAITING for this moment when he is no longer training but actually working! We also went to our ward for the first time, which was fabulous, and had dinner with a really fun family we met there. Matt has also already been involved in a service project and got to use his chain saw (always good). We painted the kitchen, mowed the lawn, and did some sight-seeing of our new little town. All in all it was a great week and we are so happy!

Anyway, nobody really reads what people write on blogs, they just look at the pictures, so here are a few new ones for ya!

This is Bennett's cute nursery, although we have hung a few more pictures on the walls and there is a REALLY cute valance above the window and big shelves above the rocking chair you can't see here. The best part is that this whole thing only took about $30 to create, since all the furniture was given to us and we made all the bedding and rocking chair cover!

Matt and Bennett working on the bench in the garage. We think Bennett is showing an early interest in least that what Matt wants to believe. :)

Painting the kitchen.

The Kitchen painted! (It is hard to get a good picture of this area because of the huge window, but the color is not as dark as it looks here.)

The rest of my beautiful kitchen...which, have I mentioned, is totally clean and organized? :)

Matt breaking in his new lawnmower. Yipee!

Our backyard! And yes, it is GREEN here in least for now.

Grilling us up a couple of hamburgers on our back porch.

And me eating the hamburgers Matt grilled us up...and looking a little too excited about it. (But seriously, these were probably the best things I have ever eaten!)

And what would our blog be without at least a few pictures and video of our cute Bennett-Boy? :)


My Army Men

Sleeping (Momma likes it when this happens!)

I LOVE this video! You have to watch it to the very end to see's just so typical of this little boy. :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Little Boy

Ok, it has been awhile since we have updated our blog, but we have finally moved into our house in Copperas Cove and we officially have HIGH SPEED INTERNET again! I am so excited! This means that we can update this thing much more often and with much less frustration than previously experienced using the middle-of-nowhere internet! Yay! And so, to kick off this new ability, we have created the typical "new parent" blog by putting a thousand pictures of our baby on it!

Bennett's first couple of weeks have been very fun and exciting! We spent one week with Maime and Pop (Matt's Mom and Dad) and then one week with Grandma and Grandpa Hazard (my Mom and Dad). We also got to see Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hazard (my Dad's mom and dad) and almost EVERYBODY from Matt's family, including 7 of his brothers and sisters, their spouses, and ALL their kids! We blessed him on Easter, took lots of walks outside, and even moved to a new home! Wow! So far life has been busy, busy, busy, but soooo good! And so, without further ado, here's Bennett!

Oh-My-Goodness this is my favorite picture of Bennett! I think it is because we were trying so hard to make him look cute, and he would have none of it! I know I am a little biased, but I think he is still cute even when he is fussy.

Both Grandmas and both Grandpas. Also, notice the adorable hunting camouflaged onsie Bennett is wearing. Daddy got to dress him on this day. :)

Maime and Pop during the Bell/Hargrave Family Easter Party (hence the ears.)

This little boy is so good natured and easy-going. He even sleeps pretty well at night, usually just waking up every 3-4 hours to eat and then falling right back to sleep. I think somebody knew I needed an easy baby first...although I am a little afraid of what the next one might be like. :)

Four Generations. How cool!

So we actually forgot to take pictures of Bennett on his blessing day with our own camera...I know, what great parents we are...but this is ALMOST what his blessing outfit looked like. It was just a cute little white sleeper we found, and I loved that it was so clean and simple. And don't worry, we have about a million pictures of the blessing, just none on our camera that we can upload to the blog.

Great Grandpa Hazard and Bennett just hanging out at our new house

This is one of my favorite pictures from this week. It looks like somebody just told Great Grandma Hazard and Bennett a good joke.

There are A LOT more photos I could put on here, but I'll just stop now because I could go on forever. :) We will also try to take some pictures of our house and other things that our little family is doing and put those on here too. That's all for now though!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Well here we are, the newest edition to the Hargrave Clan "Bennett Wayne Hargrave". He was born March 31, 2009 at 3:42 p.m. He weighed in at a whopping 7lbs 14 oz. Quite the feat for a little 5ft. 3in speck. Born in San Antonio, Texas at North Central Baptist Hospital. Oh and Haley says that he looks just like his daddy.

-Haley in labor ( This was the better side of life)-

-Bennett Wayne Hargrave-

-"Hello Daddy"-

-The new Hargrave family ( Thankyou Rachel and Mark for the blanket everyone in the hospital loved it)-

-Our little man just taking a nap-

-Oh yeah we bought a new car. We figured what the heck lets buy a new car, new baby, new house, new really the sponge bob car finally went the way of the junkyard...may it rest in pieces :(