Friday, March 27, 2015

Picture Update Part 1:

So here are a few pics from the last few months.....enjoy we sure did!

 So per Hargrave tradition when its time to for the first spoonful of real food for our babies we feed them with a real silver spoon.  Just something fun :-)

 We got a few Christmas presents a little late and we of course loved it!

So, sadly we said goodbye to our Ford.........
......and said hello to our new Honda, were both not to sure about this but we sure do love the gas mileage :-)

Been doing a little camouflage on a few rifles, they turned out pretty dang good if I do say so myself!

Oh yeah this is why we needed all the camo, local ranchers hire hunters to take out there coyotes that seem to enjoy chewing on their new born calves.....this one was taken at 375yrds

Patton just randomly came of the stairs dressed like this and wanted his picture taken!

Haley and the kids got to take a trip to Utah for a week and visit a bunch of family

These 3 are definitely related, love it!

Haley sent me this picture one morning with the caption "Good morning Daddy"

The boys really get into my workouts with me :-)

Just another rainy morning here in the Bakken
Coming home one Saturday morning there was a massive explosion North of the house.  Come to find out some random tank battery just happen to blow up....there thinking foul play

One one of Bennetts "adventures" this spring he found what he thinks was wolf's fur....really not sure what it was but Haley made him wash his hands real good when we got home

Let Bennett ride around with me one day, after putting on my hard hart he turns and tells me, "I look like you don't I Dad?"  I remember doing the same thing with my Dads, good memories......