Sunday, January 27, 2013


We just ordered our fourth volume of The Hargrave Clan in hardback cover. 300 pages of written life. Gotta love this blog thing...assuming I get a little better about writing it...

So here is what we have been up to lately, in not a lot of words or detail, and with no pictures. I know--you can't wait to get started.

Matt is amazing. Since he has not been deployed (yay!) he has been put on the rear detachment here at Fort Hood, or "Rear-D" as it is called. He is acting as the Brigade Medical Planner, and the Rear Detachment S1, which handles all personal actions: movements, awards, etc. (I literally just wrote what Matt said. I actually have very little idea what this means, except that he works with a lot of important people, doing a lot of important things, and he stays at work a little longer than before.) But my goodness we are proud of him! The other day he was working on updating his "Love Me" folder and I read over a few of the comments his superiors had written about him, and let me just tell I married one heck of a guy :)

I think we forgot to mention that since we found out Matt wasn't deploying back in November, we suddenly realized that all of our preparations in getting him deployed were in vain. Preparations such as trading in our cars and downsizing to just one. Whoops. So we quickly found Matt another little vehicle to run around in. It's a 2006 deep charcoal grey Lexus IS 250 and we like it a lot. It's still a little weird to see Matt in something as small as a car, but I mean, hey. If you have to downsize, a Lexus isn't half bad.

Beyond that, Matt continues to be a fantastic guy around the house, playing with our boys, taking me on dates, fulfilling his calling, and working on projects. Right now he is working on re-staining and re-liquoring all of our kitchen cabinets.Why? Because he can. He has also enjoyed some time hunting on a deer lease, and now I am attempting to retrain my post-pregnancy body to enjoy the flavor of deer meat again. It is looking like that may be a long road with an unhappy ending. But Matt is happy.

I am turning over a new leaf this year. Last year was pretty much shot between being in the fetal position for the first six months, and being exhausted for the second six months. So now that it is a new year I am feeling like I can take on the World. I am deep-cleaning our house from top to bottom (slowly) and trying this new thing called, "Being A Good Primary President" where I actually give more than the bare minimum. I have also started going to the gym again, and I think that may be another long road for me. But I will do it! I feel amazing!

I don't really know what else to say about myself, except that I am a happy girl. the other day Bennett just randomly gave me a great big hug around my waist. I looked down at him and said, "I love this boy" and he looked up at me with his cute little face and said with all the tenderness of a three-year-old, "I love this big girl." And even though he called me big, I thought, I am so lucky.

Bennett is crazy. This kid has a ridiculous amount of energy. He is hilarious though, and I absolutely love him. Since we wrote that last post about all the funny things Bennett had done and said, I realized that I really needed a better system for remembering stuff like that. So I made a cute jar and put it on my kitchen counter. And now whenever Bennett or Patton do or say something cute, I just write it down and stick it in the jar to save for later. I have been doing this since the beginning of January, and there are all ready a ton of little memories in my jar. One day I'll put a bunch on this blog, but here's one that just happened the other day for a little preview:

Matt is ready for work and smelling so good (I love his Old Spice body wash).
Me: "Bennett, come smell your dad. This is what a real man smells like."
Bennett, looking confused: "But Mom, real men don't wear shirts."  

He is also doing really well with is letters, and he now knows what most of them say, and he understands the concept that when you put their sounds together they make words. It's exciting to see him learning and he tells me all the time that now he is big like a grown up. And speaking of Bennett's little brain, we discovered this week that he has the ability to remember and repeat, word-for-word, almost any phrase of spoken dialect. This includes full commercials, the tutorial section of his Leappad2, and most song choruses after only a few times of hearing them. I always knew he picked up on things rather quickly, but it was sort of amazing to see what he could remember once we really started testing him. We are considering putting him in TV commercials now (not really. But he could sure learn his lines if he had to).

Patton is crazy in a whole different way than Bennett. For example: the other day Bennett was in his room, so I put Patton on the bed so he could watch him play. Bennett is amazing with Patton, and Patton is completely immobile (still) so I had no fears of anything happening to him, and I left to go do the dishes. Pretty soon I heard uncontrollable laughing coming from both boys, and I thought, "This is too cute! I've got to see what they are doing." So I grabbed my video camera and sneaked into Bennett's room. And what were they doing? Patton was laying on Bennett's pillow, and Bennett was laying with his head pointing toward his foot board and his feet resting on Patton's stomach. And then Bennett would stomp the heck out of Patton's stomach. I mean, hard. As terrorizing as this act sounds (and is, for all intents and purposes) Patton was LOVING it. He would crack up every time Bennett started pounding away on him, and that made Bennett laugh even harder (his "naughty laugh", we call it) and both boys were having the time of their lives. And I am just standing there, thinking, these boys are so weird. So I watched this go on for a little while, but then I felt like I was being a bad mom because I mean honestly, what mother watches her son getting beat to death, and doesn't try to stop it? So I told Bennett he had to quit and Patton started crying because the game was over. Now that's tough love.

Patton is really just a very easy-going guy, who is completely content with life. It is weird that he has only been in our family for six months, because I can't imagine him ever not being with us. I am so so in love with this handsome little boy who is happy to be kicked around...literally.

Our Family is doing great, overall. We have our grumpy days and our tired days, but as a whole things are pretty good. We just got back from a trip to Oklahoma to help Griffin and Ashland move to their new home (pictures and post to follow), and it was so fun to see them all and be a part of that. On the way back to Texas, Bennett got a stomach bug, and the rest of us got colds the next day, but we are all feeling much better now (except Matt, who has allergies like it's going out of style).

For the last couple of weeks it has been winter here and really cold. But I guess that is over now, and we are back to playing outside in the 77 degree weather and love, love, loving the sun. Texas is the best for sun. So until next week, here's to walks in the park and eating ice cream in January.

Life is good.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Love That Boy

Ever since Bennett has learned to talk, we have been graced with his wisdom and humor. Here's a few "Bennett-isms" we could remember from just the last couple of weeks. We've got to get better at writing these down!

"Whats wrong with you kid?  Stop crying, you're fine." (said to Patton)

"Don't worry Mom, Bennett's got this."

"When big girls are nice to me, they get special surprises." (Said to Haley after Bennett built her a tower with his blocks.)

"Hey Patton, did you miss me? Yeah, you did. Because you love me."

"I look awesome."

"All right Mom, here's the plan."

Haley: "Bennett I think we're lost." Bennett: "Yeah Mom we're lost in 44. We need 48."

"No Mom I'm not cute, I'm a boy. I'm handsome. But Patton can be cute, because he's a baby."

"I am waiting and waiting for the snow to come."

Haley: "Bennett, do you know who Santa Claus is?" Bennett: "Santa Haus brings all the good little children presents." Haley: "So are you getting presents?" Bennett: "Yeah, I'm a good boy...but just a little bit bad."

Matt: "Bennett, what are you going to do when you grow up?" Bennett: "Go on a mission, go to college, get married in the temple, take care of Mom and Dad, and be a school bus."

Haley and Bennett are driving and a really ugly song comes on.  Haley: "What is this we are listening to?" Bennett: "Mom, it's called rap."

Benntt has decided to name his body parts and treat them as friends who need to eat, sleep, and get dressed.
Boomie = left hand
Nini = right hand
Boat = left foot
Bacon = right foot
(Should we be worried about this?)

Bennett has started shortening people's names: Cam, for Camden. Pat, for Patton. Ben, for Bennett.
He also has a friend named Aspen...
Haley: "If you open that car door when we are driving you will fall out and get squished." Bennett: "Yeah. And then you will have to throw me over the back fence like that dead bird we found. Because that's what happens to you when you die. You get germs."
"See you Thursday!" (What Bennett says to everybody as they leave, no matter what day of the week it is.)
"This is the best cookie I never had!"
Haley: "Bennett, you did the right thing. I'm very proud of you." Bennett: "Yep. Because I'm goooooood!"
"I'm on it, Mom!"
Haley: "Do you want to fly an airplane when you grow up?" Bennett: "Yeah! But Daddy says I have to go on a mission first."

One day Bennett put a popcorn tin over his head, and ran full speed into the wall. It was awesome.

"I'm OK!" (said cheerfully after anything remotely painful occurs. Such as the popcorn incident mentioned above.)

Haley, giving Sharing Time in Primary: "Jesus died for us because he loves us." Bennett, very earnestly, "No Mom!! Just take Jesus to the doctor! He will get all better!"

There are so, so, SO many more I could put on here. This kid just cracks us up every day. He has an awesome attitude about life, amazing self-confidence, and a naturally good heart.

Love that boy!

Christmas 2012

So the upfront disclaimer is we really did not take hardly any pictures Christmas morning.  We did take some video but we just kind of enjoyed the moment.

 Patton got a very cute outfit Grandma & Grandpa Hazard.

 Bennett got an awesome complete doctor outfit from Grandma & Grandpa Hazard...we didn't know there were so many "sick people" in our house.

 We spent alot of our vacation just hanging out and spending time with each other. 
Life is pretty good!

 Just a little project we have been working on.
 Haley asked me to help out in nursery the last Sunday... I mean there are blocks and a bunch of kids...tower competition was on!

 And the reveal!  The hardest part was keeping them from knocking the tower over while we were building it!

 got to love Christmas boxes!  I really don't know why we buy presents.

Well say goodbye to the Christmas tree.  2012 was a great year and 2013 is going to be even better~!

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve 2012.  Well as everyone knows by now I did not deploy to Afghanistan and had the opportunity to spend the Holidays with my family.  As an added bonus we were able to head down to San Antonio for Christmas Eve with some of the extended family.  Out of my parents 9 children we only had 3 of us that were able to visit Mamie & Pop.  This year we did have a lot of Legacy members of the family show up, and on to the pictures....

 Gunny (Great Grandpa Reppond) got into the Christmas only lasted for a moment...

 The annual "sleigh ride"  This was Patton's first ride!  Wayne has actual silver bells that his Grandpa used to us every Christmas with his horse and sleigh in Iowa.

 This was not one of our greatest ideas.  Haley was very willing to sacrifice me to save herself!  Oh well, what can you do.

 Our 2nd not so great idea...Joe and I thought, "lets see how fast we can go and take a curve without falling!"  Bennett would not be left out...(no 3yr old was harmed in the making of this blog!)

 Mamie asked Pop, "if he wanted to go for a ride"...its funny because the mower is bigger than she is.
(Watch the little boy in the red Santa Claus hat standing quietly next to the mower)

 (Notice the little boy running next to the mower)

 What this reminded us of was a dog race where the rabbit goes out in front of the dogs and the dogs chase after them!...Bennett is the dog.  He literally kept going around and around chasing the mower...he has lots of energy.

 The traditional bow shooting competition.  We spent a lot of time looking for arrows that didn't quite make there target.

 Patton just hanging out with Mamie's snowmen.

 We never got Jess's traditional picture of him falling asleep on the couch.

 Mamie really thought she was scaring Pop...he looks "really" scared!!

 Since my brother-in-law, Nathan was not there I tried to fill his spot at the horse shoe pit.  I had this nasty habit of getting ringer after ringer!  Probably the best horse shoe game of my life

 Pop's, "I just threw really bad" look.

 Check out that form!

 Haley likes taking action shots!

 If y'all remember from Thanksgiving here is our little nephew that broke his leg.  He got a awesome Christmas style cast.

 Bennett just being Bennett!

 It was kind of neat to have all the "male" grandchildren together.  This was an absolute boys Christmas Eve.  Kind of neat.

 We ate way to much food...we always do.

 We had to recruit some of the Aunt's for the Christmas story...we were a little light on the girls this year.

 Patton was our first live baby Jesus.  Not sure the pacifier was authentic??!!

What a cute Sheppard....we did have to take the cane away from him...he said his "Mom" taught him that the Sheppard's use the hook end to pull the sheep to guess who kept trying to pull all his cousins towards him???  Yeah the stick didn't last long.
 Aunt Rach loves them baby boys.  She is always trying to steal them

 This is right before we destroyed the living room with wrapping paper.

 The boys with all their new hats on.

 What a cute little boy!

 Bennett got his first Lincoln Logs set from Mamie and Pop.  It took them months to find a real wooden set.  Apparently plastic is all the rage...not cool.  He really likes them!

 Some of our Legacy members, from left Jess's Grandma, (Bema), Gunny, (G Grandpa Reppond), Pops mom, (G Grandma Reppond)

 Patton man got his first pair of hunting boots!  

 Gunny doesn't like wearing collared shirts, especially at church.  Figured this would solve that problem :-)