Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Enjoying North Dakota and our Home :-)

So here are a couple of posts to kind of catch us and everyone up on what we have been doing this summer.

Haley has been going to Dickinson almost everyday for all the summer events that she has signed the boys up for.  First of all was art week.  Bennett was able to learn about many different artist, their individual styles and how to paint some of his own masterpieces!

Bennett and his art teacher (Sis Whitman who happens to be in our ward)

Next week of summer fun was T-Ball, they either really love each other or he is doing his best at choking him out :-)

(By the way "Mens Den" is a barber shop.......)

Check out that throwing arm!

Kennedy sporting the latest fashions

Routine dental trips.  These boys are quickly becoming famous for how well they do in the dentist chair

Bennett drew me this awesome fathers day present.  It roughly came out to 14' long!  It starts with Heaven, then the sky, down to earth, then through the "magma" layers all the way to the center of the earth!

Well we don't really watch movies anymore downstairs (since Bennett threw a block at the TV and broke it) so it has become a big play room just for the kids and they love it.

Patton will just sometimes randomly come upstairs, after he has dress himself :-) He is about 75% there.......so close!

We took a trip out to Little Missouri State Park with some friends who have helicopter drones and Patton was the "spotter" just in case we lost the drone he would let us know where it fell :-)

We really do love North Dakota.  It is kind of a place that time forgot and has some absolutely beautiful features which we love to explore

Kennedy just doing her cute thing where ever she goes

The Little Missouri River below going into the badlands.  This is pretty much right out our back door

So you cant have a sun roof and not hang out of it and shout hello to the neighbors!

We have an awesome Japanese restaurant in Dickinson with a Hibachi grill, Bennett love it.........
Patton.......not so much!

If you notice the water dripping from his chin, he hasn't quite mastered that you have to swallow the water has the guy squirts it into your mouth from 3ft away!

Having fun with neighbor friends in the pool

Kennedy has a real hard life!

They surprised us with dinner!  There was a few leftover

Our little girl is growing up!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4th Of July 2015

Haley and the kids summer fun :-)

So to start of the summer Haley and the kids took a 2 week trip to Idaho to visit Grandma and Grandpa

 Cant go to Idaho without visiting West Yellowstone

I was at NTC at Ft Irwin CA while my little family was on vacation in Idaho.....I think they missed me as much as I missed them!

Tell me that picture doesn't make you smile

Bennett really wanted to go to work with Dad, so we got him dressed, an awesome ConocoPhillips hats and went and had a ton of fun!

Mesa Falls

Its fun to "play" Army every once and a while....really glad its not full time anymore

Ta Da, its a bear!

Going for a train ride with Grandma on the Heber Creeper

Its always good to remember where we come from.  Grandma Great was a truly remarkable women

She is such a girl and we love it!

They love their Grandparents Great!!!

Uncle Griffin was missing his little girls and Kennedy was eating all the attention up with a spoon

What trip isn't complete without building blocks and hot wheels tracks

Bennett's last day of Kindergarten with his wonderful teacher Ms Knutson

Cant believe our little baby boy has gotten so big

Talk about he easy life.  She gets the whole third floor all to herself

.....but of course her favorite place in the whole world is right next to her brothers

Parents appreciation day at school.  We have one great kid

The mud room is a must this far north

Went to one of the neighbor boys play at school....Bennett had to show us his stuff

Father Son campout was canceled due to rain....so we improvised and had a couple of the boys over for a "backyard" campout.  All the boys did great
Sparkling potatoes, smores, and unlimited fruit snacks.....who could ask for more!

Just  a few more pictures for ages of our three little miracles
I don't know who taught this kid to be so sweet (his Dad) but if there are ever flowers present Bennett gathers as much as he can to give to his Mama!

You know we live in a giant house but always seem to be right on top of each other, wouldn't change a thing, except should have just bought a box :-/

Just having fun

Patton has become quite the bike rider

Flying kites from there tree fort, doesn't get much better than that!

....secret path in town, check!

Charlize Nagel, all she wanted for her birthday was to spend the day taking care of our little Kennedy