Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Funny Things Kids Say 2015

So here it is.  The long anticipated....


Patton, "Mom, I accidently spilled jam on the floor"
Me, "oh.....where?"
Patton, "I ate it!"
-Patton, age 3 1/2-

Kennedy got her 15 month shots a few days ago, and has
been very cranky since.  Yesterday, as Patton and Kennedy were 
eating a snack, Patton just randomly went over to Kennedy, and
with so much love and tenderness he put hi little hand on her
shoulder, looked deep into her eyes, and asked, "You ok?"
Kennedy nodded and they both kept eating.
-Patton, age 3 / Kennedy, age 15mons-

Bennett cannot say "surprise" to save his little life.  It is always
-Bennett, age 6 1/2-

Bennett, "Mom? You know what I'm going to do when I die?"
Me, "What"
Bennett, "Get buried in Mexico.  I've always wanted to
go to Mexico"
-Bennett, age 6 1/2-

-Kennedy, age 15mons-

Bennett prounounces the word, "Wagon" as "Ya-gon"
-Bennett, age 6 1/2-

Whenever I put Kennedy in bed, she puts her little bum up
into the air and giggles with glee as she snuggles
down into her pillow.  The girl likes her sleep!
-Kennedy, age 15mons-

Bennett has learned a lot about the first Thanksgiving
and the "Pill-Grams" in first grade this year
-Bennett, age 6 1/2-

Pattons uses of words like:
"Seriously"     "Actually"
        "Totally"      "Awesome" 
-Patton, age 3-

Kennedy goes where her brothers go, and does
whatever they are doing.  Always! She will not be left behind!
-Kennedy, age 15mons-

"Patton, you need to sleep so you can get tall tall like Daddy"
"No, I just stay little, Pleeeaaassseee I stay little?"
(How do you say no)
-Patton, age 3 1/2-

Patton, "Shake your booty! Oh ya!
Me, "Patton, Be appropriate!"
Patton, "Mom, its not appropriate.  Its funny!"
-Patton, age 3-

Me, "Ok Patton, lets put all the cars back in your basket"
Patton, "Rodger that Mom"
-Patton, age 3-

Kennedy will frequently make eye contact with me, then squint her eyes, curl her
upper lip and breath like an animal.  We call it her, "Muscle Face"
-Kennedy, age 16mons-

Me, "Did you sleep good last night?"
Bennett, "Yep!"
Me, "What did you dream about?"
Bennett, "Bacon!"
-Bennett, age 6 1/2-

"Whew", I was one thirsty guy!!!"
(Patton, after chugging a glass of water)
-Patton, age 3-     

Me, "Patton, your job is to pick up those blocks"
Patton, "Aye aye, Captain Ma'am"
(followed up by a sarcastic salute)
-Patton, age 3 1/2-

"I'm soaking hot!"
-Bennett, age 6 1/2-

"Mom!  Catch me! I'm going to FELL!"
-Patton, age 3 1/2-

-Bennett, age 6 1/2 / trying to say regular.....always

(Until next years crazy sayings)

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